Things to remember while using Net Banking

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Although net banking has made our lives easier and simpler like everything else it also has some disadvantages. The risks of fraud are higher when you use net banking, but it is upon you to make a safe transaction. TMB net banking is safe to use.  You can be safe from the frauds and make a safe transaction by following the safety tips given below:


  • Use genuine anti-virus software:

By using genuine anti-virus software you will protect your computer from phishing, malware and many other safety threats. It also helps in detecting any spyware and remove it. These spyware can steal your sensitive data.


  • Try to avoid using public wi-fi or you can use VPN software

The greatest danger of an open Wi-Fi system is that the hacker can sit in the middle of the end-user and the hotspot and can follow every information with no trouble. Hackers consider an unsecured connection to be a chance to bring malware into your gadget. In this way, the utilization of open Wi-Fi hotspots for net banking and making payments on e-commerce websites ought to be avoided. If you are a customary user of open Wi-Fi, consider setting up a VPN programming on your PC. It makes a safe passage between the user and the hotspot and stops hackers from gaining your data.


  • Check for the latest update of your smartphone

People who use smartphones should ensure their operating system is refreshed with the most recent security fixes and updates. They ought to likewise not remove the security controls from the smartphone frequently called 'jailbreaking' or 'rooting'. They ought to consistently hope to limit access to that applications request when being installed to just what the application needs.


  • Change passwords regularly

Changing your password regularly is important to make a sure account is safe and it will help you maintain privacy. It is recommended that you should not share the details with anyone else. Also, beware of fake calls, your bank will never ask you for sensitive data from you through phone calls or emails. Make sure the password you choose is strong. For further security of your transactions keep the separate password for your login and transaction. You can also go through the step by step guide given on  to change your password.


  • Subscribe Mobile notifications

If you have already not subscribed for mobile notification you should subscribe it immediately. The mobile notification will give you a heads up for any sort of suspicious transaction. However small the transaction is you will be notified of it with the remaining balance in your account. The bank will also notify you of any unsuccessful login attempts made to your net banking account.


  • Avoid using public computers to login into your net banking account

It is advisable that you should not use public computers to login into your net banking account, it has a higher risk of compromising your login credential. But if you have to use a public computer for net banking then after completing your work make sure you clear the cache, history and delete any temporary file.  You can otherwise use incognito mode.

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