Things to keep in mind while using SBI ATM

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In the last few years, a lot has changed, and the transition from cash transaction to card usage is remarkable, at least in urban India. Today almost every person prefers to make payments by cards. The State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the largest banks in the country. While making transactions through the ATM card you should keep in mind a few important things.

The has brought to you the things to keep in mind while using SBI ATM:

1. If you are a regular savings bank account holder you will get eight free transactions, that is five free transactions at SBI ATMs and the rest three transaction at any other ATMs. If you reside in a non-metro city then you will be able to avail 10 free transactions, that is five at SBI ATMs and the other five at different ATMs.

2. An account holder who maintains an average of Rs.25000 in their savings account in the immediately preceding month, SBI allows them unlimited transactions at SBG ATMs.

3. SBI has put some limits on the number of times you make transactions for account holders who have accounts with a lower monthly average balance. If the SBI account holders maintain an average balance of Rs.25000 then they are allowed 10 free transactions each month in SBG ATMs which is subject to few conditions as mentioned at the bank's website.

4. Generating a new PIN or changing the existing one has been made simpler by SBI's Green PIN facility to its account holders. To makes the process of PIN generation a problem-free process the SBI introduced Green facility. By using the SBI ATM PIN generation facility the SBI account holders can generate their PIN on their own without any lengthy process.

5. Account-holders who maintain a monthly average balance which is above Rs.25000 in the immediately preceding month SBI permits them unlimited free transactions at its group ATMs.

6. SBI account holders who maintain a monthly average balance above Rs. One lakh in the immediately preceding month are permitted for unlimited free transactions at ATMs of different banks for that month.

7. SBI also provides that, if you lose your ATM card then you will have to immediately report it by dialling 1800 425 3800 or 1800 11 22 11. It is recommended that the old card should be blocked and destroyed after getting the new card. You can also register your phone number at the bank’s branch to get regular notification of the transactions.

8. For making a safe transaction you should change your ATM PIN regularly and in addition to that, you should never keep the PIN with the card or write it on the card. It is better if you memorise it rather than writing it.

9. SBI has offered free unlimited transaction at SGB ATMs and all the different bank ATMs, to all the salary accounts at all the different places.

10. SBI’s daily cash withdrawal limit on ITS Classic and Maestro Debit card is Rs. 20000.

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