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By Prof. Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez Phd. H., MBA., LLB.

Contributor of Higher Education for Harvard University


Every day, the phrase "it's nothing personal, it's just business" takes on more meaning and importance in the business world. 

In this way, mentors denounce mentors in order to steal their jobs or children betray parents, leading to a cluster of ladder effects that are transmitted at the corporate level, as well as social, coming to value as positive everything that morals and Reason would be reprehensible.
Although these practices are the clearest representation of Hobbes's idea that man is a wolf to man - or even a prey dog ​​- his implementation has grown exponentially as a result of economic crises and market oscillations in which the "save yourself who can" is a means and not a justification. 

That is why in these times more ethics is required in business and fewer concepts about how to control the market.


A relevant article on this is the one written by Prof. Robert C. Solomon in Oxford in 1992. In it he states that the philosopher Aristotle, two thousand years before Wall Street, branded everyone who undertook a non-contributory activity to society of "parasites". In this sense, Prof. Solomon affirms that "although capitalism may require capital, but does not require it, much less if it is defined by the parasites that it inevitably attracts".
In this way, and in spite of the prosperity that capitalism brings, a server believes that capitalism and corporatism contribute in many ways to social inequality. It could be said that one of the most symbolic practices of social inequality is not extreme poverty or social classes, but the marked aggressiveness with which these acts occur.

Following Prof. Solomon: "He can not tolerate a business conception that focuses solely on income and vulgarity, while ignoring the traditional virtues of responsibility, community and integrity. Many feel that there is too much lip service and the importance of cooperation and integrity in corporate life is not well understood. " 

That is why, Prof. Solomon offers a series of basic concepts that could contribute both to the improvement of capitalism and society and the world of the company, such as: the corporation as a community, the pursuit of excellence , the importance of integrity and good judgment, or even a more cooperative and humane vision of business.


Faced with this problem of capitalism and aggressive corporatism, in which being a millionaire is never enough, Prof. Solomon suggests as a solution to the "moral labyrinths" the use of values.
In addition, Prof. Solomon highlights some moral virtues such as honesty, compassion, fairness and trust.

 Because money is infinite, but trust is finite and given that corporate cannibalism is the order of the day and that its techniques are increasingly widespread, even in the academic sphere, one server thinks that, in order to correct and persuade instead of joining corporate theft, the ideal technique is the use of philosophy combined with ethics to obtain the desired success in business. 

It is quite true that the concepts, calculation techniques and methods of market manipulation to maintain a balance in the world economy, are useful, the techniques of persuasion of the enemy together with moral values ​​against the ally are aspects that can not be learned if one does not have a previously developed ethic. 

In such a way, an individual can try to displace the mentor or a son trying to displace the father. Perhaps, in a minimum percentage of cases, success is possible. However, we must never forget that "the devil is smarter because he is old than because he is devil". Therefore, in the event of breaking a relationship of trust such as those previously discussed, it is more likely that those who have less experience and developed values ​​will lose. 

Maybe, in a business school you can learn how to handle large budgets and know the ins and outs of the business market. However, you do not learn until you really get soaked, and the only way to get wet is to get wet and sick, as has happened to the vast majority of mentors.

To conclude, in this sense, to refer to a phrase of John Kerry: "Values ​​are not simply words, values ​​are what we live for. They are the causes for which we defend and for what the people fight ". Therefore, study, work, experiment, but above all grow morally and develop your values; since money grows in trees, but it is useless underground.



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