How to Hire the Right AWS Expert for Your Business

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The explosive growth in cloud computing, led by Amazon’s AWS services, has led to a plethora of AWS jobs being created in recent years. Since AWS is the leading cloud services provider in the market, there has been an increasing demand for professionals with exceptional AWS skills. The available openings range from entry-level positions to senior positions in a variety of industries and segments.

Many factors go into influencing the right choice of candidate for an AWS position. Of course, the first and foremost is a relevant certification. However, having the right skills and proficiency in the use of correct tools is equally important because the person you hire should be capable of analyzing and solving real-world problems.


Rely On Work Experience

The best knowledge comes from experience in the real world. So any good hiring strategy for the AWS environment should emphasize the important of work experience. This ensures that the people who apply for the job are aware of the current industry standards and trends. Also, they tend to be more familiar with AWS technologies and are also aware of the common problems and how they can be addressed. For instance, someone with work experience is more likely to understand concepts and technologies like VPC, KNS and Snowball.


Certifications Alone Are Not Enough

While many online certifications offer comprehensive skill training and conceptual knowledge to students, no amount of online learning can take the place of actual experience in a practical environment. There is a balance to be maintained between the two. The person you hire needs to have the ability to design an AWS cloud solution as well as the knowledge to plan its implementation and manage the post-implementation activities.

Reliance on AWS Certification training can be preferred when hiring for entry-level positions, but the higher you go up in the hierarchy, and the more complex tasks become, it gets increasingly necessary to hire people based on experience.


Make The Interview Count

The best time to assess the practical skills of a candidate is during the interview. For this reason, it is critical to make the most of the interview as an opportunity to determine the value a candidate can add to your company. If they have cleared a particular certification, let say AWS solutions architect associate level certification, relevant questions to ask include about their preparation process and the contents of the AWS Certification training.

During these conversations, it is important to assess if the candidate has done any project work or technical assignments as part of the course requirements. Many courses offer these features to prepare students for a practical work environment.


Study The CV Closely

The interview process can be made more productive if care is taken to study the candidate’s resume thoroughly before the interview. This gives a fair idea of the current skills of the candidate as well as other relevant factors such as their academic history, career objectives and preferences for certain types of jobs. However, not everything is revealed in the CV. It is important to go beyond what is printed on the page and to enter the interview with an open mind.


Focus On Technical Skills, But Go Beyond

Technical skills are critical when hiring someone to work in an AWS environment, but this should not be the only thing to be considered when evaluating a candidate. The professional also needs to have skills that cannot necessarily be taught through an online program. These are typically personal skills such as communication and leadership, as well as teamwork and negotiation, which are critical for an employee to be productive at their job.

Communication skills are part of the interpersonal skills of an employee, and these affect the business significantly. Whether the employee works as a cloud technician or a security expert, they need to communicate with other team members, vendors and clients. Communication skills are, therefore, critical to building relationships and ensuring customer service standards.

An employee who is a good communicator is also likely to be a better problem solver and negotiator because they would ensure clear understanding, empathy and conflict resolution. The interview offers an excellent opportunity to assess the communication and interpersonal competencies of the candidate.

Problem-solving is another skill that depends on the analytical and decision-making skills of the candidate. In a technical environment like AWS, new problems emerge every day for which it is necessary to have sound problem-solving skills. At times, this involves reaching out to other individuals in the organization and even outside to vendors. It is important for the AWS Certified developer to have these skills so that they are prepared to deliver the solutions that are required to restore disrupted services, rewrite a code, or replace defective equipment.

In addition to this, creativity is important, and in fact, it enhances problem-solving skills. It is wrongly believed that creativity is an inborn skill. Creativity can be developed by immersing oneself in different challenges and taking the initiative. One of the clearest signs of a creative thinker is that they enjoy asking questions. Keep a watch on this behavior during the interview to ensure that you hire a creative person for the job.

You also need to determine whether the candidate is committed to continuous learning and development, or they prefer to rest on their laurels. Remember that while you are evaluating a person for their ability to perform on the job in question, you also want to determine the value they will add to your growth over time.



Thus, a combination of technical and soft skills are required to assess different candidates for an AWS job. The key is to have a long-term approach when evaluating candidates so that the person you hire is efficient at their job, but is also capable of progressing in their career and creating new opportunities of growth for the company. By keeping the above considerations in mind, you can be confident about hiring the right candidate to work in an AWS environment. Investing some effort and time at this stage can have far-reaching and long-term positive impacts.

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