Why medical test is important before buying a health insurance for your family?

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One of the main objectives of a pre-medical test before issuing your health insurance is to validate if you are an eligible customer. Many insurance providers do not require you to go through medical tests, however it is important to note that this is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. There are several reasons how taking a medical test can help you reap the best benefits when buying a health insurance for your family. Here are some:



Your premium is set based on the medical tests results that you submit. Hiding a pre-existing illness with your insurer is considered fraudulence and can cause your claim to be rejected.



Medical tests costs quite a lot nowadays. You might think skipping the medical test is a quick and easy way and opt for an insurer who doesn’t require these tests. However, while giving importance to the current savings, you might lose sight of the heavy expenditure you might incur later on in life. Moreover, the conventional health plans are customer friendlier than the ones that do not require any medical tests.



In case, your medical test proves you to be a healthy individual or family, there are chances that you can be rewarded with discounts on your premiums by your insurers. This is due to the fact that they consider your family health insurance as a low risk deal.



Your complete medical test can make you aware of your health conditions. By taking a medical test, you are aware of the exclusions and waiting period of your insurance scheme. Goes without saying that you will have to spend on higher premiums in case of pre-existing conditions, however, it is worth it as you will be spending high amounts later on medical expenses otherwise.



At times, you might also discover an ailment or illness in your body through this complete medical test, which you otherwise would not have discovered.

You might wonder why an insurer offers an insurance without any medical test. This is for the simple reason that most people believe that the cost of these medical tests are too expensive and would rather postpone or rule out their purchase of insurance for this very reason. This has a direct impact on customer acquisition. Not many are aware that the cost of the medical test that they take it reimbursed by the insurer post the issuance of the policy. However, medical tests differ from insurer to insurer and from one plan to another.

It is likely that some insurers might let you surpass the medical test if you are below the age of 45. However, for those aged above 45 and mediclaim for senior citizens, the test may be mandatory.

While it might seem like a task to complete these medical tests, it probably is more of value than a pain to take them before opting for a family medical insurance.


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