Cleaning Tips For Students: How To Keep A Shared Student Home Clean

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Has cleaning ever been your first priority as a student? Never! Do you remember the movie “It’s Gonna Blow released in 1997?” Guess what? If you do not clean your house only two days, the house will turn into something like that!

On another note, a shared student house is easy to clean than the regular family house because, with the house, the work pressure is also shared among the people! But what if every member does not want to work? What if you do not get the proper time to clean the house? What if cleaning is tedious work for all of you!

RULE 101; try to make rules for cleaning! Yes, only hard and fast rules can make all the members work! Let us tell you how to keep your student house clean and organized!

Tips about Cleaning Shared House

Rota is the Key

Yes, creating a Rota is the best deal when you are sharing the house with your mates. This is the way of dividing the works among a bunch of people. Try to rotate the chores every week. No one usually loves to do the same old work every day. If you do not rotate chores then your mates will get bored and will not get any interest in cleaning work.

Room Cleaning

A student house has more than one member. Everyone will clean the house in a Rota but it is not possible to clean the personal room. One should take the responsibility of cleaning one’s room. There must be some rules while you are staying in one house. Everyone should keep their room tidy.

Vacuum Cleaning

The best method of cleaning the floor of a house is vacuum cleaning. It will reduce the pressure on the housemates and save a lot of time. There are different sorts of vacuum cleaners for a different purpose. Vacuum cleaners are also available in different sizes. Go for it if you can afford it.

Pets around the House

Yes, cleaning it tough when there are pets in your house. Pets are the best partner you can have in your leisure time. But when it comes to cleaning pet hair and debris, nothing is tougher and annoying than this. Try to keep a floor-mat in the front door so that the pets do not come inside the house with dirty paws.

Pet hair can be bothersome too! Try to clean your pet with brush and warm water. For cleaning pet hair, you can use vacuum cleaners or brushes. In this case, the vacuum you choose should have great suction power. There are also some cleaners that delivery pet hair tools for cleaning long pet hairLinks to an external site..

Stop it at the Door

Stopping the dirt at the door is an amazing way to keep your house clean. You have to keep a floor-mat at the front door so that people and pets come in with clean feet. Additionally, try to keep a bin at the front door. It will help you in keeping the dirt away from the house. Moreover, when you will go out, it will remind you to empty it.

Cleaning Shared Spaces: How Rota Works for Students House

Shared spaces are easy to clean if all your housemates share works properly. You are not a professional cleaner and not your friends and so, you have to gain knowledge before starting the cleaning process.

Kitchen Cleaning

Prevention is always better than cure. Cleaning process eats up a huge amount of time from your day. To keep the kitchen clean, you have to try to stop everyone making the kitchen dirty. Everyone should be serious about their responsibility.

Always try to put the dirt in the dustbin. After cooking, try to clean up the place as soon as possible. If you keep dirty dishes then they will pile up and start stinking. After every meal, try to clean the dishes as soon as possible. Take warm water and soak the dish in the water. Try to use dishwasher soap for cleaning. Clean the oven and fridge inside out once a week.

Bathroom Hygiene

The bathroom can make your rooms stink. Moreover, the dirty bathroom is the reason for diseases. Every housemate should keep toiletries in their own rooms. The surface of the bathroom should be free from any sort of jars or bottles. Any element on the surface will build up dirt.

Toilet brush can help you out when the discussion is about cleaning. Ensure that every housemate uses a toilet brush. Use products for cleaning the toilet bowl. Always try to keep the floor near the toilet clean. Try to use toilet sprays to keep the air fresh.

Living Area Clean-up

After the personal rooms, people spend most of their times in the living area. They ass leisure time, watch movies together, bring guests and much more. More than the dining space, people eat here!

To keep the space clean, you have to clean-up it right after it gets dirty. If you people watch movies together then right after the movie ends, try to collect the dishes and other dirt around you.

If someone brings a guest then it’s his responsibility to clean the living space. Party stains should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Winding Up

Cleaning is mind-numbing work but if you keep rotating work every Sunday, work will be more interesting to you. Always remember to clean-up the spaces just after it gets dirty. This will reduce the workload in the future and you can stay pressure-free.

The rule “together we stand, divided we fall” works in this phase of your life. Try to work together to enjoy together! It’s your home and it’s your responsibility  

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