How to Use Craigslist Safely for Buying and Selling

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The best thing about Craigslist is that you can buy and sell things fast using this platform without any hassle.

But since it is used by millions of people every month, there are bound to be a few rotten apples that destroy the whole Craigslist experience with their scams and spam.

Craigslist Ad Posting Company will share with you some tips today on how to use Craigslist safely for buying and selling stuff.

Read on to find out.


Using Craigslist Safely: Some Tips


1) Never use your original information

Craigslist provides you the option of using your real email address when responding to potential customers or use a proxy email address provided by Craigslist.

It is always better to use the Craigslist provided email address to save yourself from scams and spams.

Also, Craigslist proxy email only works for receiving emails. As soon as you respond to an email, your identity will be revealed.

Thieves and scammers can get access to your real email address and that can lead to grave consequences.

To counter this problem, use a third-party disposable email address service like mailinator or others to preserve your anonymity throughout the correspondence.


2) Use and Buy Local Services and Products

Craigslist advises its users to use and buy local services and products respectively, so that you can meet them in person. This is because most scammers wouldn’t risk meeting in person or won't go to the effort needed to do so.


3) Don’t ever give your Personal and Financial Information to Anyone

This is a tested and tried trick used by scammers to glean your personal information from you. They will ask for a credit check to find out all you information so they can obtain credit cards in your name.

Avoid this by always meeting the buyer or seller in person and deal in cash only. Paypal is also a secure mode of transaction.


4) Money Wiring Services: A Big No for Craigslist Transactions

Craigslist claims that anyone wanting to use money wiring services like Western Union will most probably try to scam you. So avoid those responders at all costs who want to wire funds through money wiring services.


5) Take a Look at the Original Item before Buying IT!

Before buying an item through Craigslist, make sure to look at it in person. Pictures can be deceiving and sometimes, the advertisers use stock photos because of either laziness or they are trying to hide something about the original item.

So always check out an item in person before sealing the deal.

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