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Hislide.io is a great library of premade slides and templates for your professional high-quality presentations, reports, and other digital projects. We create templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides. Our collection totals more than dozens of hundreds of elements. And we continue releasing new ones each month. All these templates have one main objective: serve as users’ assistance and simplify the process of presentations creation.

In addition, users will find a great diversity of free PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote templates. This is our pleasant gift to registered users. Free slides can be downloaded in a few seconds. It is a one-click process.

We also offer a well-developed plugin for PowerPoint, which allows users to unlock our elements’ full potential. The plugin allows getting access to additional functionality and making work even easier and more convenient.

Why do you need such templates?

Our elements are designed not only for businessmen, managers, and office employees. Students also frequently tend to use the templates. The case is that nowadays, the presentation is the most convenient and efficient way of information presentation and topics consideration. Students usually face the necessity to create presentations for tutorials, seminars, lectures, etc. Our PPT slides will help make the process easier, quicker, and more convenient. Indisputable advantages of templates usage are:

  • Less time spent on the task

Students are those people who do not want to lose time and try to cope with work as quickly as possible. A premade template will be a perfect tool that will help spend less time on presentations creation. If you work with one of our slides, the process will take just a few minutes.

  • Cheap and available for all users

No need to spend lots of money on expensive templates or packs. We offer low pricing. Moreover, lots of slides are available for free. It is an excellent opportunity to get all the necessary templates for a future presentation at a reasonable price.

  • No nerves

Work with our slides is always pleasant and secure. Our slides look perfect on all screens. Thus, users are not afraid of possible loss of quality or visible defects. Moreover, even unskilled users won’t have difficulties.

What will users find on the site?

Dozens of timelines, charts, all possible types of diagrams and schemes, infographics, clip art, tables, and much more elements are provided on the site. It is possible to find an appropriate Google Slides, PowerPoint or Keynote slide for the explanation of any business or marketing topic, as well as medical, educational, or management question.

When we create a new template, we pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  • High quality

This is the primary and obligatory requirement for each element represented on the site. We offer only high-quality templates. Each of them is thoroughly tested. That is why when choosing our slides, users are sure that they will not have visible defects. Our elements can be displayed on all possible devices regardless of their resolution.

  • Ease of use

Our slides are characterized by a clear interface and toolbar. We try to create the templates that will be clear and available for users of different levels of skills. Thus, we are sure that even newbies will cope with the elements.

  • The combination of visualization tools with text

The majority of slides represent the combination of a visual element with text blocks. It is an important feature since visualization tools simplify perception and make presentations vivid and interesting.

Our Internet service will help students make the process of presentations creation easier and more convenient.

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