Dumaya – Song Review

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Dumaya is a newly released song by Luciole, written and performed (lead vocal) by Carole
Verhaeghe, composed and produced by Hicham Chahidi for Music Screen label.


Carole Verhaeghe is a singer from Belgium. She has great experience in polyphonic vocal
music and in traditional world music. Hicham Chahidi is composer and producer from Belgium,
known for his contribution in several audiovisual productions and as royalty free music
provider. the meeting of these two artists gave birth to the project “Luciole” and to a first
single: Dumaya

Dumaya is a fusion music style, we can hear influences from Indian and Arabic music as well as
influences from electronic music. The drum rhythm is upbeat and the bass had solid articulationLinks to an external site.
with the beat. When Carole's voice kicked in, it was interesting to hear the dynamic shift as the
bass dropped out and the song felt a bit more mellow. We felt like we are in a relaxed state of
mind listening to the vocals as they are beautiful and they carried us throughout the song. A
brass section consisting of a trumpet and a tenor trombone adds mystery and tenderness to the
overall sound. Also, the vocal harmonies support the lead vocals really well and they add depth
to the song. It is also a cool shift in the song after the chorus when the vocals dropped out and
the instrumentals went back into the same sequence from the opening part of the song, in this
part a particular wind instrument called “Zurna” is used, and its sound gives a really special
atmosphere to the recording. An acoustic piano and electric guitar are also used..

Overall, the song structure is simple, easy to follow, the vocal melody is memorable, and the
originality of Dumaya is excellent.

Official page: https://www.musicscreen.org/Royalty-free/Music/Dumaya.phpLinks to an external site.

Spotify page: https://open.spotify.com/album/5Jx5UPQBlEi9HqBAV0aaovLinks to an external site.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8y_mPdwMsU




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