Making Money by Offering SEO Services to Local Businesses through White Label Marketing Program

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For marketing companies these days, being in-the-know and agile with social media is basically the whole ball game. Traditional forms of advertising like radio and television commercials have taken a far back seat to digital media. And hardcopy marketing? Magazines, newspapers and the like seem less and less relevant with every passing month.

The cost effectiveness of these newest forms of social media advertising is impossible to argue with and beat, as is the data-driven functionality and accountability of precision-targeted digital marketing.

That’s where White Label SEO companies can really fill a niche. They invest in the latest and greatest in training and technology, so that marketing businesses and other stakeholders don’t have to shoulder the burden of those ever-evolving responsibilities.


That frees these clients to focus more attention on sculpting and packaging the winning content that will draw consumers to their door. While it still holds true that content is king, all the best content in the world won’t matter much to clients if it isn’t seen by all the right eyeballs, and as many of those as possible.

Think of White Label as the invisible brand behind the branding. In business lingo, White Label denotes a product or service adopted by one company with permission from another, with all involved benefitting from the relationship. We’ve all heard someone say: “You’re paying extra for just the label,” when advocating for an equally-effective, yet more cost-effective, version of a certain product.

This is also known as the White Label version, essentially the same product, sold under a different name. But don’t be misled - there’s likely nothing generic about White Label SEO marketing services. In the lightning-paced world of digital marketing, White Labels only stay in business when they’re the best at what they do.

Think of White Label marketing companies in terms of their top-shelf value. They’re the best in the business because of the time and resources they dedicate to that narrow niche of marketing strategy. Focus and specialization breed a high level of expertise in any given arena, and social media marketing and SEO optimization is no different.

White Label services work anonymously in the background of your business, the unnamed and unsung heroes working behind the scenes to win customers for their clients. Businesses are forever being pulled in a million different directions at once, and have too much on their plates to be experts in Search Engine Optimization on top of everything else.

White Labels do much of that opaque, technical and difficult marketing strategy stuff that’s often too burdensome for companies to take on alone, and the client company claims all the credit. This simplification allows them to focus on doing what they do best - satisfying the needs of their customers, while the White Label takes care of the technical details offstage.

You wouldn’t ask your marketing crew to double as your IT department, be able to set up, troubleshoot and maintain your business’s entire hardware, software and network infrastructure. That same logic and common sense applies to technical SEO and the fine details of digital marketing. It’s just too complex and rapidly evolving for even a fairly tech-savvy staff to stay abreast of.

And it’s too important to be relegated to another department as a side gig or hobby, something to get around to when everything else on today’s to-do list has been taken care of. Think of White Label SEO companies as on-call experts for hire in this regard.

Consistency is yet core strength of the White Label model. With in-house social media efforts, results can often come across as random, with posts and messages sent out at all times of day and without the benefit of a larger, cohesive message.

It simply won’t do to have social media tactics comprise the bulk of your digital marketing efforts, but rather a big-picture strategy that’s aimed at winning consumers over to your side. In today’s social media, we’re not just shooting at the dartboard; we’re aiming to crowd the bulls-eye with our content.

Think also of White Label SEO services as an outside, objective opinion about your social media strategy. Often, it takes a fresh set of eyes to see what’s working, where things need to be tidied up, and what areas could be better targeted.

That outside insight is yet another powerful advantage of White Label SEO services. A friend visiting your home sees the place you inhabit with new eyes, is someone who will let you know you have some housekeeping to do. And the best friend of all is that someone who will help you does just that.       


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