The Impact of Divorce on New College Students

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Over the years, divorce has been viewed as a process whose outcomes mostly affect the couple and young children. A young adult who is in college is often assumed to have the capacity to handle such experiences without making a big deal out of them. However, this assumption is far from the truth. Finding a good divorce and family law attorney will only make the divorce process less troublesome but not trauma-free. Regardless of their ages, children are often torn in-between and if not handled well they can develop some identity issues. New college students expect their parents to guide them through as they adapt to the new environment. If divorce happens, it leaves the following impact on new students:


  • Emotional Instability


When students first join college, they rely mostly on both parents for emotional support since they may not have a lot of friends yet. Typically, students join college when they are slightly below or above eighteen years. At this stage, they are excited to finally be on their own and make independent decisions. Nevertheless, most of the times they find themselves leaning back on their parents for emotional support. This is to help them through the challenges they face in their first year. Those who find themselves caught up between divorcing parents might find it difficult to seek help. The most likely become emotionally unstable since they lack a stable support system. Consequently, their relationship with others of the same or opposite genders become strained.


  • Academic Struggles


College studies are different from high school in many ways. At this stage, most students have chosen their career path and are determined to make it. When a divorce happens, the new college student is destabilized in a way. They do not get the kind of warmth they need from a family and this will definitely affect their concentration in class. Even when both parents agree on how to co-parent after the divorce, things are never the same again. The student knows that their parents are not in good terms and this is enough to get their minds occupied with resentment instead of academics.


  • Anxiety and depression


The process of divorce comes with a lot of anxiety and uncertainties. Even when a divorce attorney makes everything to seem so simple, those that are directly affected remain with scars and aftermath effects. New college students whose parents divorce often deal with anxiety and depression. They worry about how their life will be during their college years. They wonder whether they will be forced to choose between their parents. Even the issue of calling either parent in case of any trouble still make them anxious. If divorce is not handled well, it may cause depression to new students and this affects their academics as well.


  • Choosing Between Two Homes


Divorced people will definitely live in different houses hence the children will have to choose where to stay especially if they are of age. Those who have just joined college will have holidays to deal with the home-choosing dragon. Of course, if they have one of the parents as their favorite, the other one will be left alone. Making such choices do not leave zero effect on the children. They wish that they did not have to make the choice but they also know that the circumstances are beyond their control. This is a difficult place for them to be. Some opt to stay with friends or other relatives during holidays just to avoid the struggles.


  • Identity Crisis


College students are considered adults and their opinions often count in the home. However, when it comes to divorce issues, they may be left hanging and wondering whether or not their view matters. They wonder who they are in the family and this identity crisis affects the way they relate to people outside. Most of the time they just resign to fate and learn to keep things to themselves.


Even though divorce is usually between two parties, it affects more than just the two. Children get their share of the impact and it is worse if they have just joined college. The points discussed here are just but a few of the many effects of divorce on new college students.


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