Why Cross-platform is a boon for small businesses?

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Since the first launch of applications, technology has improved immensely. With that, the process and medium of developing the applications has also changed for the better. Primarily, native approach was used to build apps, meaning that the applications were designed separately for different operating systems. 

As we have mentioned above, some changes took place. This was with the advent of cross-platform framework. It enormously changed the app development industry. It is so, because it enabled the app development companies like Appinventiv to create apps which would work on different platforms without separate coding.

Some of the most famous applications like Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, etc. come under React-Native app development. It enables the application to appear similar on every device and OS. The reasons are many behind the ever increasing popularity and demand of cross-platform apps. If you are a startup and are on the fence about taking a step forward towards Mobile App development with cross-platform framework, then, here are some benefits of doing so. This will ensure you make the right decision.


  • Expeditious App Development

Since the users are dispersed across many different platforms, it does not make any particular platform less important than the other. Though, being a small enterprise, every business has to cater to as many users as possible. Imagine having to develop the same app for multiple operating systems. It would involve the same coding done twice separately. Believe us, it is as tedious as it sounds.

For a small business or a startup, this can incur huge expenses which can be a nightmare. It is neither a time or cost effective approach. It is for the same reason why numerous startups had begun to accept the cross-platform frameworks, which are easy to work with as they use JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc, which are equally accessible and effective. One app developed via cross-platform framework will work just as efficiently  on all platforms.


  • Provides Time- Efficiency

Now, that one only has to develop a single application, it becomes possible for the business to focus more on other important aspects regarding the application, like its promotional strategy, its acceptability by the users, etc. 

Moreover, the time saved by only having to develop only one app, can be utilized to enhance other features, which will make the app remarkable. Such features include faster startup time, improved storage facility, reduced load time and more.


  • More output in lesser cost

Evidently, after considering the above point, it is understood that developing the same application for different platforms is expensive, meanwhile, developing a cross-platform app is highly cost effective. It reduces the expense of different tools used for different platforms. It also eliminates the need of more personnel.

You can access the whole of your consumer-base with just one app. All in all, avoiding the segregation of the apps is, without-a-doubt the right choice for small businesses in particular.


  • Wide range of tools

With the advancements in technology, the mediums for doing things have  expanded for the better. With that said, we now have a wide variety of cross-platform tools to choose from, which only make the app development process more rapid and efficacious. Such tools include React Native, Flutter, Cordova, etc. these are all open source frameworks, which thankfully, support plugins.

This advantage of multiple choices helps the developers to create mobile applications which are unique, effortless to use, and are highly functional with distinctive features. To put it simply, availability of multiple tools enables app developers to create custom applications for each client.


  • Improved User Experience

When an app is designed with perfection in every aspect be it its performance, usage, interface, and features, it performs better with every operating system and on every device. This satisfaction improves the quality of the User Experience of customers with the application, and consequently, increases the prospects of the business and delivers its purpose successfully. It is understood by the above statement that it all helps any small business or a startup in increasing its ROI. Now, we guess you can pretty much guess the importance of UX in app development.



From the sea of benefits, these were some of the most impactful ones which have made Cross-Platform framework so hyped up in App Development sector and for all the good and valid reasons. We hope this suffices as a reliable source to you and provides enough insight into cross-platform framework to help you choose what is the best fit for you.

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