Who is the best small mover?

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There are countless movers and moving companies around the world who are willing to provide you with the comprehensive and necessary assistance you seek during your move. The movers have the experience and the right expertise to provide you with the packaging services and transfer solutions you really need without burning holes in your pocket. You might be thinking that professional movers are expensive, right? You might be correct, but if you do not have a large move there are a lot of small movers out there ready to assist you. So who is the best small mover? Let us find out!


Here is the best way to spot the best small mover:




It is recommended to check at least 10 small moving companies near your point of origin. Next check their history, understand the signs of fraudulent behavior, and get an accurate picture of the specific details involved with your move. The research will take you down a long road, but it will provide you with useful information about the types of small mover and their services.


Understand your needs


Before you start looking for a good mover, make sure you understand what you want to do. The type of move determines the type of moving company to hire. You can start by understanding the differences between interstate and intrastate moves. Is it a local, nationwide or international move? Know how much you need to move. These all limit the type of mover required. Here is a great blog post on the different types of small moving companies. It helps  explains which type of small mover to use for the type of move that you have.


Check the credibility of the company


You can access the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or any other consumer group near you for information. Check the service history of the local moving company to see if there are any complaints against them. You must also see how they solve the issues. In most cases, many movers have experienced complaints, but a responsible mover will definitely find a solution to the problem according to the customer's requirements.


Track customer complaints


The complaint register is a good place to get a potential small mover. You will find valuable advice from those who have good and bad stories. In addition, while looking for an experienced mover, it is critical to find them online.




The cost consideration is essential when it comes to finding a mover. Estimates should be in writing and list dimensions and weights. Keep in mind that reputable small moving companies will always provide a thorough quote in writing. Movers use a variety of fees. Some of them will be calculated on an hourly basis and others will be charged on total weight or volume. In addition, some people charge based on the type of furniture or merchandise they have to move. You can use this link to get a small move estimate in real time.


Final word


If you follow the above tips, you’ll find the best small mover. Understand your needs, know your budget and pick the right small mover. My recommendation would be to go with ShipSmart they are experienced, professional, and prioritize customer satisfaction. Remember to always get a written agreement from your mover.


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