The Structure of a High-Conversion Website

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Do you wish you had a website that generated more leads? Almost every business owner who comes to us for help does.

One of the things we always explain to these new clients is that even though every business and situation is different, there are a handful of elements that high-conversion websites almost always have in common. That is, some of the same ingredients show up again and again.

With that in mind, let’s look at the structure of a lead generating website and its major parts…


Several Methods of Generating Traffic

You can’t get conversions (in terms of new leads or sales) if prospects aren’t finding their way to your pages. That means you need multiple channels where you can reach out and convince buyers to click through.

Search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and email newsletters are all popular ways of attracting website traffic. And they all work. However, you should focus on the specific channels that make sense for your business and target market.


Buyer-Focused Content

Getting potential buyers to your website is just the first step. It’s imperative that you keep them there if you want to turn traffic into sales opportunities.

The best way to do that is by sharing ideas that help them meet their needs or reach their goals. Video clips, images, and even blog posts like this one can all be valuable when it comes to retaining a buyer’s attention. The longer they hang around, the more they are getting to know about your business and the solutions that are available to them.


Targeted Offers That Inspire Action

Even having great content isn’t necessarily enough to secure new sales opportunities. That’s why the most profitable websites all have targeted offers (like discount codes, downloadable ebooks, and so on) that inspire visitors to take action.

Once someone is reading through your marketing materials, what would compel them to make a purchase or set an appointment with your team? What incentive could you give them that would make them think it was time to finally get the answers they are looking for?


A Thorough Analytics and Revision Plan

No matter how strong a plan is to attract traffic, generate strong content, and convert visitors into leads or buyers, there is always room for improvement. For that, strong marketers turn to their web analytics package.

By studying website visitor behavior, you can figure out which parts of your site are most popular, which topics are attracting interest, and how you can improve your offers to generate even more conversions. With that information, your online marketing can get more and more effective over time.


Is Your Web Presence Helping Your Business to Grow?

If your website isn’t all that useful to you as a sales and marketing tool, then there is no time to waste. Contact the experts at Black Door Creative in Rhode Island today so we can audit your existing site and make recommendations that help you boost your bottom line!


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