The Effects of Parental Divorce on College Students

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The divorce between parents is hard to take for many people and not only between the two people involved directly. College students who have seen their parents go separate ways have had to deal with a number of issues in their day-to-day living. Research shows that women have been heavily affected more than their male counterparts. Father-daughter relationships tend to struggle a lot in the psychological process of separation. It is a disruptive occurrence that calls for intervention both from legal quarters and other institutions. Protecting the rights and privileges of college students is very vital in such situations because the effects can be devastating when not well addressed. 

Adjusting to the new arrangements prompted by parental divorce amongst college students is one of the difficult things to deal with. All of a sudden, there is a completely different view of how things turn out and embracing a somewhat different style than what they were used to. However, the help of professional lawyers can be a lot helpful when making these adjustments. Nashville Divorce Lawyer, Tara Carter is a seasoned legal professional who has for years dealt with such cases and can be consulted.


Impact on Relationships

Women have deeply been affected by failed marriages leading to divorce. Father-daughter relationships are arguably the epitome of this outcome. Female students from these families show greater attitudinal, emotional and functional independence from male parents. The relationships between fathers and daughters further accelerate the psychological process of separation.  Notable effects include bitterness and anger between fathers and their daughters during such break-ups. However, the level of impact is not always the same because the scenarios tend to be different.

The ability of college students affected by the divorce of their parents to move on with their lives swiftly relies heavily on the perception of their parents. Well, much of the blame goes to the fathers and that is the relationships with their daughters get strained a lot. This goes on to affect their relationships with other students at school. Over and above that, it goes further to affect how they perceive life and the decisions they will take in the future especially when choosing friends.


Effects on Students’ Studies

Obviously, a student’s ability to concentrate and focus on their studies will be definitely being affected. If not well-managed, things can get out of hand and become hard to deal with. Now that the entire family is making vital adjustments, the resulting instability can weigh much on student’s studies. There is the challenge of going to school when things are not working well at home. The environment at home, which is not complementing the college collaborative learning atmosphere is indeed a major setback when trying to stay focused on the learning course.

Unfavorable home environment impacts negatively on the development of students in their learning and may even hamper their success. A good and harmonious family is key for students to learn without any challenges. They are always focused on their studies without having to worry about things beyond their control. Divorce and its effect don’t happen and die in a day. It causes a ripple that can take a lengthy period of time to heal. The post-divorce period is usually an uphill task for students who have to manage their sociocultural contexts to stay dedicated to their studies.

The area of finances is also affected especially in financing students’ learning. There isn’t a concerted effort to support their financial welfare while in school. All this is part of the challenges that students will have to deal with especially when the decision of financing their education is not fully addressed. It may also mean relocating to other places as dictated by the outcome of the divorce. Other concerns that may touch on students are the conflicts that may result from visitations.


Final Thoughts

Parental divorce has many devastating effects on college students especially when there are no proper measures put in place to address their welfare. There is a change of perception towards them and a change of atmosphere that can easily distract them. When relationships get strained as a result of parental divorce, it is never an easy moment for college students. Legal advice must, therefore, be sought to take care of such situations.


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