Roadmap To Become Python Developer In Next 45 Days

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Python is one of the world’s most popular, in-demand programming languages. Python has been recommended as first language for beginners by Industry experts as well as top universities professor’s with some straightforward reasons,

  • It’s easy to learn
  • It’s super versatile
  • It has a huge range of modules and libraries
  • Exceedingly straightforward and logical, offering a wide selection of concepts that are simple to comprehend


We use Python daily as an integral part for backend development, data science tasks, automation, testing and what not.

Learning world's fastest growing programming language along with projects and proper schedule can be proved beneficial for beginners. Reading a book or documentation for beginners can be hard task so here in this blogpost we have python course recommendation which is interesting and focused for beginners, checkout Complete Python Programming A-Z for Beginners - Learn by Developing 5 Projects.


Here is a basic schedule you can follow with the course,

Week 1 - Basics & Setup,
Python Installation, Understanding DataTypes, Operators, Input-Output and Control Statements.

Week 2 - Strong Fundamentals,
Loops, String and Characters, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries and Functions.


Week 3 - Things Getting Advance,
Important week with Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) - Classes and Objects, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Abstraction And Polymorphism!


Week 4 - Files & Errors Handling,
Work on Error Handling, File Handling and practice previous topics with programs.

Week 5 - Project Week Begins,
Understanding Python Package Management System, building our first project that is ‘Face Recognition’ with OpenCV followed with second one ‘Youtube Downloader’ with PyTube and then ‘Data Analysis’ with Pandas.

Week 6 - Playing With API’s,
Next project begins with Tkinter and SQLite database, this week focuses on our 4th project that is ‘Building CryptoCurrency Portfolio - Desktop Application with Bitcoin API’

Week 7 - Final Week,
You are about to graduate this course with 5th project that is “Developing Automated Twitter Bot” along with few exercises, Advices, Quiz and Cheat Sheets.

After completing this course you will be ready to dive deep and work as an intermediate Python Developer. You can then choose advanced courses on Web Development with Django, Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Automation with Selenium. Python gives you the opportunity to explore different fields with strong career options.

So ready to start your Python Journey?

All you need is discipline and consistency for next 45 days, grab your course and start learning today!

Frequently Asked Questions -

Q - Can a beginner with zero coding experience can start learning Python?
A - Definitely you can start python and complete it without prior coding experience.

Q - Is it necessary to know any other programming languages like C, C++ before starting python?
A - No, you don’t need any experience with other programming language.

Q - How many months it will take me to reach intermediate level?
A - If schedule and consistency followed properly you can reach intermediate level within 45-60 days.

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