Rare and Valuable US Stamps and Postal History

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Rare and Valuable US Stamps and Postal History


US stamps are very valued by authorities from everywhere throughout the world since they frequently have momentous provenance. When in doubt, you can discover uncommon stamps of USA nearly at any online stamp auction yet not every one of them will essentially be important. In this survey, you will discover data about the absolute rarest and most costly US stamps. Likewise, you will realize which of them will be set available to be purchased one month from now at Siegel Auction Gallery.


1869 Pictorial Issue, Center Inverted


Cost Realized: $800,000

This stamp arrangement is devoted to the revelation of America by Christopher Columbus. The example appeared above has a reversed focus. At present, it is thought about the presence of 3 such stamps with no crossing out imprint. The piece was sold at a Siegel Auctions occasion for as much as $800,000.


1846 Alexandria Postmaster's Provisional


Cost Realized: $460,000

In 2013, this stamp on the envelope was sold at a Siegel Auction Gallery occasion. The envelope goes back to 1846 just as the postal stamp itself. It is striking that the thing was exchanged a few times before the occasion in 2013. In 12 years, its worth has significantly increased. The last expense was additionally influenced by the way that the stamp was not stuck but rather connected to the envelope with wax. The parcel was acknowledged for $460,000.


1851 Hawaiian Issue


Cost Realized: $525,000

The 2¢ blue stamp appeared above is another US irregularity. Numerous years prior, the Kingdom of Hawaii was sovereign, and numerous individuals were sent there on a religious mission. The stamp was not effectively utilized; in any case, it has specific recorded essentialness for the country. Robert Siegel Auction House offers an interesting unused duplicate of this stamp at their auction in October 2018, and its evaluated cost was from $500,000 to $750,000. Parcel was sold for $525,000.


1847 Block of 16 Stamps


Cost Realized: $220,000

This stamp demonstrating Benjamin Franklin is known to practically any accomplished philatelist. It has been the feature of numerous US stamp auctions. For example, a square of ten duplicates was sold for $75,000 at a Robert Siegel auction. A lot of 16 stamps was offered at their 2018 October occasion. The parcel was evaluated at $200,000-300,000 and sold for $220,000.


1893 Error of Color


Cost Realized: $165,000

This square of 4 stamps was sold for $165,000 at Cherrystone. The stamp was initially made in 1893. The examples appeared above are viewed as a blunder of shading, which has influenced their cost extraordinarily. During their generation, a wrong ink was utilized, and it is accepted that numerous sheets were printed utilizing the wrong shading. In any case, just a couple of squares have endure.


1875 Re-Issue


Cost Realized: $150,000

It is realized that this stamp of blue shading was made in 1861 and utilized until 1867; in any case, it isn't viewed as a philatelic irregularity. In the interim, the republished adaptation of this stamp issued in 1875 is a genuine irregularity. In contrast to the first discharge, the republished adaptation was issued on white thick paper. At present, there are just 5 known stamps (all dropped). The stamp appeared above was sold for $150,000 at Robert A. Siegel auction house.

Square of Four CIA Inverts

Cost Realized: $97,750

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