How to travel around UK on a student budget

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The best time to travel is anytime, but as a 20-something student, the time is now! Before you have a family, a stable job and responsibilities you should do your best to see the world around you. Yet, there is a problem: money. To be more precise, the lack of them. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get around this problem and travel around UK on a student budget.


Plan your trip and take advantage of last-minute deals

The best way to travel around UK on a budget is to plan your trip carefully, while you stay in touch with the latest deals. Travel off season (between January and March), when the prices are lower for accommodation and transportation. You can also take advantage of the websites that offer last minute deals and huge discounts, such as Holiday Pirates and Secret Escapes, where you can find the cheapest prices for your trip.


Use student benefits

Students benefit from discounts all around the world, so take advantage of this when you plan your trip around UK. You can also use debit cards which offer special features, such as Monzo, First Direct and Nationwide. These cards allow you to use your card overseas without having to pay extra fees, which enables you to save a lot while traveling.

To save money on accommodation you can also stay at universities. This new concept allows students who are traveling during summer months to find accommodation at universities across UK, both in major cities and smaller towns.


Be flexible

Trains and buses can quickly drain your budget, so you can try to be flexible when it comes to traveling between one place to another. Instead of picking large cities as your destination, try to pick smaller cities, as a train to and from a lesser known city is often cheaper than a train between London and another large city.

Another interesting thing you can do to save money on transportation is to master the art of split ticketing. Instead of buying a ticket from Oxford to Birmingham, you can buy a ticket from Oxford to Banbury and another one from Banbury to Birmingham, saving money.

You can also take advantage of the millennial innovation called sharing economy to move around and find a place to sleep. Use car sharing apps and house sharing apps to find the cheapest rates for transportation and accommodation.


Look for free attractions

UK has many amazing places that you can visit for free. One of the biggest museum in London, the Natural History Museum is free to visit, as well as Roskilly's Farm in Cornwall, the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh or the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland.

Careful planning, a strong research of the best prices and flexibility can go a long way when it comes to traveling across UK on a tight budget. By saving on transportation and accommodation you can invest your money on other travel essentials, like local food, or just extend your trip to get to see and do more exciting things.

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