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Not many people talk of a passion for art that has a deeper essence to it. Social media websites have devoured all the traditional space that was earlier entertained by top magazines and books. Instagram basks in the spotlight in this present world. It’s free — unlike books and magazines — and the artists, photographers, and bloggers have ownership of their work.

Instagram is more like a gateway to photography, feeding you the images you want to see. Your feed is based on what you have seen, but not necessarily the images you need to see.

Instagram was all about photo-sharing and inspiring others through their medium. Although what its status quo is, it is actually far away from the ideal blueprint.

So if you agree with whatever I just stated above then maybe it’s time, NO, not to leave Instagram, but to start following Rudy Abboud. Rudy is a social media influencer. Now I know as soon as you hear this word a lot comes to mind. Trust me; it doesn’t work that way

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Rudy Abboud is trying to transform Instagram for his followers into an optical Elysium. His profile is a gallery of incredible captures and stimulating captions that can make your day!

He is often referred to as a guru, for he is definitely changing the way people perceive Instagram. Now, what makes him different from other influencers? It’s his keen eye and an authentic taste in life. Rudy Abboud turned his strength and hobby of traveling and love for food into a full-blown business which is currently growing at an unimaginable place.

His posts are captures of landscapes and exotic food, which are bound to take your breath away! It’s easier said than done, I mean almost all of us have gone out to dinner and clicked photos of our meals, but when this guy does it, it’s so very different!

Owing to his optimistic personality, Rudy Abboud is able to perceive subtle things that usually go unnoticed. He wants his followers to trail his suit and become more mindful of the bigger picture this world embodies.

Rudy is a lot more things than just being a social media influencer. He’s a certified marketing specialist, and also holds certifications from Google, Youtube, Facebook and many others. He is the Vice President at Cyclamen charity foundation, and also a partner at several firms including the consultancy “7Fits”.

He was featured on many media platforms including MTV Tv station in Lebanon and has worked in association with several big brands. Rudy has also been a provider of top-notch social media management and marketing consultation to various restaurants and companies.

He has successfully managed to convert followers into customers for many businesses from Instagram.

Taking life as a whole, enjoying the moment to the fullest while staying still in the present is all he asks of his people. His uniquely different take on life and working style are what make his work stand above the rest.

Rudy is using the world-wide platform of Instagram to inspire and educate people by sharing his inspiration and vision. Now, this is something no other influencer does. Moreover, Rudy Abboud has derived unparalleled aesthetic values from his travels and love for food. We hope that he will keep on dishing out more incredible work for us to feed our soul.

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