Classroom Cleaning Checklist Tips

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Schools serve as secondary homes to children. Most days of a person’s life is spent in schools - especially in the classrooms. It only fits that you take care of your school and the classroom. As we go to our school and enter the class, the first thing you need to keep in mind is its cleanliness. It is a must to maintain a friendly and healthy learning environment for everyone. The best way to do this and to show care for your classrooms is by making sure you clean it using the best commercial vacuum cleaners available in the market or with your hand before the day starts or after classes end.

If you’re a teacher or whether you are a student, take the initiative to make a checklist to see if everything is in order. A classroom cleaning checklist will help you monitor whether everyone is following or doing their job in contributing to the cleanliness of the classroom. By having this, whether you are a teacher or student, it is a must to follow what is written. Here are a few tips on organizing your classroom’s cleaning checklist for you to be guided upon making one.


What to put in your checklist?


For starters, you must write on your checklist to remember to prepare/have sanitizers and cleaning wipes for students and the teacher as well to use. It is to make sure hands are clean before and after eating and also after going to the bathroom. Of course, the authority might have the cleaning equipment as like as best commercial vacuum cleaners to clean quickly, so using this one is recommended.

Write on your checklist to make sure that you always have stocks of cleaning supplies. You must always be prepared for anything to happen in the classroom. Be sure you have hand sanitizers, tissues, or wet wipes that come in handy every day.

Also, take in mind to include in your checklist to disinfect those high-touch areas like desks, knobs, school/college/uni supplies, and more. Do this regularly with disinfectants and cleaners to avoid germs.

Clean dust cabinets and the bookshelves regularly. Do this to avoid any germs bought by the dust. You will have a much cleaner and comfortable classroom by dusting off those areas by using a vacuum cleaner.

Add to the classroom cleaning checklist to clear trash bins every after classes. You will not only avoid the possible stench of the trash but also be healthier for trash also brings a lot of germs, and by regularly emptying it, you’ll have a cleaner classroom environment.

If you are a teacher, also remember to educate students on how to wash their hands properly. Start by teaching them by washing even in between fingers for them to make sure that their hands are squeaky clean.

Maintaining a classroom’s cleanliness is indeed hard. So not just teachers should do their part, but the students must cooperate, too. Follow whatever is written on your classroom’s checklist to be able to make sure that it has a clean, safe, and friendly environment for everyone. Regular classroom cleaning is a must to avoid any unwanted sickness of a student (or even the teacher) that can be caused by the germs present in the classroom. Be smart and follow these specific ideas to keep a teacher and student-friendly atmosphere of the school/college/uni. If the school/college/uni hasn’t the cleaning equipment like commercial vacuum cleaners, protective gloves, cleaning brushes, mop and bucket then get help from the teacher, authority or organize a student council to collect money for the necessary equipment.


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