Can Learning to Play Piano Be Your Key to Success?

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As pointed out by The New York Times, learning music correlates to outsize success in other fields such as university or work. Believe it or not, learning to play piano can actually improve your chances of success. How?

Well, by cultivating or improving several other skills that determine success. 

We’re no longer surprised why great musicians make it big in life! So next time you’re giving that piano lessons in Brooklyn pamphlet a second thought, remember that practicing the piano can help you develop skills that are essential to be successful in life. 


Here is a list of five such skills:


Taking Piano Lessons Will Sharpen Your Concentration

As you take piano lessons, you will slowly build up your ability to focus on multiple things at a given time. Balancing the rhythm, tempo, pitch, note duration etc. is a great multi-level concentration exercise, which you will actually enjoy doing. According to TedEd, playing piano or any other instrument is like a full-body workout for the brain as it keeps all the parts engaged and active. Therefore, taking piano lessons will sharpen your concentration levels, taking you closer to success.

Piano Lessons Will Teach You Time Management

There are only 24 hours in a day, and you have a LOT that has to be done. Taking out the time for quick piano lessons in Brooklyn, NY every day will teach you time management as you’ll have to spare some time daily for this amazing activity. This will demand organising your duties and other tasks for the day and using your time more efficiently. 

Playing Piano Cultivates Discipline & Perseverance

Practicing piano every day will teach you discipline and perseverance. Imagine practicing the same tune again and again until you get it right. It will help you develop an ‘achiever’s attitude’. The same attitude will help you in overcoming challenges at work, school, or university. At first, it might be a bit challenging; but as you dedicate yourself to it and stay disciplined for your piano lessons, you’ll surely master the art. 

Playing Piano Will Make You A Better Listener

The reason why musicians are so good at exhibiting emotions hides in their ability to interpret emotions. While interacting with others, listening skills are just as important as body language and facial expressions. Playing piano enhances one’s hearing abilities as you learn to listen between the lines, picking up the slightest of tones, intervals, and chords. Like Calvin Coolidge said, “it takes a great man to be a good listener”; playing piano can be your step closer to greatness.

Playing Piano Will Improve Your Physical Health & Memory

Playing piano on an everyday basis will give you many physiological and physical benefits. From improving your dexterity and fine motor skills to enhancing hand-eye coordination, learning this instrument will make you fitter and stronger. Music, in general, reduces cardiac complications, lowers blood pressure and increases immunity.

Also, as you learn to play new tunes, you start adding new neural connections, changing the brain in a positive way. This improves your attention span, memory capacity, speech and language abilities, and math and spatial skills.

If you always wished to pick up that tricky piano but lacked motivation, all your excuses have now come to an end. Isn’t it amazing what learning piano can do to your mental and physical self, transforming you into a person who is more likely to succeed? Learn discipline, perseverance, time management and other traits of a true winner the easy, enjoyable way. Enrol for those piano lessons Brooklyn that you always wanted to take, and lift your first step towards success. 


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