Benefits of Academic Transcription

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The general benefits of transcription cannot be over-emphasized. Having audio content converted into written form word by word is great and for students and academic staff alike transcription is a valued time saving service.  Transcription companies specializing in academic transcription, such as Way With Words, provide users with a trusted solution to ensure accurate transcripts of lectures and research work. While some students may prefer to record their lectures and do their own transcription at a later stage, those who outsource do so for a number of reasons. Here are some of the main benefits for choosing to outsource to an academic transcription service:-


  • Saves Time

Many students rarely have enough time to complete assignments and projects; there is always a rush to do one thing or another. If one is working on a term paper or project, there is a need to spend more time on the most important activities – studying or writing their research. This is where academic transcription comes in handy as it allows the student access to required or additional notes to assist with their academic task or learning.


  • Proper Learning Tool

Students might miss lectures or not take notes during a particular discussion or a reply in class. Many might prefer to listen to a recording and perhaps even review what they thought was said.  On the other hand, some students have disabilities requiring that lectures be recorded and transcribed. Whatever the situation, transcription can assist with better understanding.  A transcribed recording provides a proper learning tool to assist students in not missing out on important details just because they could not get it firsthand. 


  • Availability of Work

Students are sometimes required to work in groups and sharing the same content with everyone can be a challenge, especially if video and audio is used.  By using a transcription or speech to text service students can share their findings with each other using recorded data that is of value to the group. Transcripts produced as text for this purpose can be easily managed and distributed.


  • Capturing Details

As mentioned earlier, when one is listening to an audio recording or watching a video, it is difficult to capture every detail firsthand. There is always the need to rewind/replay the recording, especially if it is for academic purposes. Academic transcription helps students get the details they may have missed the first time and use comments for correctly attributed quotations. A good academic transcription service should offer a formatting option that highlights keypoints in the transcript allowing the reader to navigate quickly to those points.


  • Makes Work Easier

The traditional learning process has always exalted written text over audio and video. Even though the latter still play a big role in the same process, written text makes research much easier as text allows one to underline key words and make short notes for better understanding. It is also easier to search written content which is more difficult with video and audio recordings.   An academic transcription makes the process of searching for content quicker and easier.


Final Thoughts

An academic transcription service is a very useful tool.  Using a reputable and highly accurate transcription service is vital. Many students who opt to do the transcription themselves often find the amount of time and frustration involved in the process outweighs the costs of using a transcription service.  Similarly, those students who turn to cheap voice-to-text solutions or entrust their recordings to a below par transcription company often need to spend a lot of time editing their transcripts.


If a recording is important, then finding the right academic transcription service is of equal importance.

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