A Unified PEOPLE-FIRST Approach in Marketing Technology

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Human beings are emotional and make decisions based on emotions. Organizations must realize that while promoting a product or service they need to first connect with the customers on an emotional level than being only business oriented.

The emotional characteristic is an intrinsic side of the human being and profoundly affects their decision-making process. So, it’s necessary to make this characteristic as one of the contributing factors for the marketing technology strategy. An authentic and real-time digital experience through technology usage facilitates a pleasant and satisfying customer experience.


How can technology help in this approach?

Refuting all the beliefs, technology helps the marketers in crafting empathy for delivering real value. It helps in the personalization of the service driven by human-based experiences. AI can monitor customer service calls for further equipping the executives in preparing and providing quality responses. The solution helps in improving customer engagement, satisfaction, and first-hand resolution. The current stream of customers are technology-savvy and are smart enough to research and find information about a product. This calls for an effort for being more transparent and authentic.

Technology is to make the lives of the consumer more easy and convenient, and it has to support the people-first approach, further making the marketing efforts successful. InfoClutch, as a leading database service provider, gives high-end mailing solutions to customers across the world so that they can connect with the global tech giants.

As per a Gartner report, marketing technology has been the biggest area of investment when it comes to the marketing of the programs and resources.


How digital transformation works for an organization?

Digital transformation is to start with the people first and then technology. Businesses not reinventing themselves can no longer help themselves for survival in the market. Consumers are looking for high quality and easy to use service and products, compelling organizations in understanding the behavioral changes related to the consumers. Most of them are getting information at a faster speed and the ease at which they are receiving, presents a new set of challenges for the consumers. Digital transformation helps in realigning the new set of investments in the business model, technology, customer preferences, and process.

The spending on digital channel accounts for 25% of the investments in marketing. One-fourth of the average marketing budget is spent on the organic search, email, paid search, and website.

It has also been found that CMOs spend two-thirds of the marketing budget on digital channels.


How is a people-first approach driving innovation?

The exponential growth in technology is helping businesses and consumers alike. As per a report, 1 in 6 dollars is spent on the innovation helpful for marketing.

To make the customers happy, businesses have started aligning the specific needs of the customers with the development of the product or improvisation of the services. This is executed with the continuous innovation process without which the leading organizations might PERISH.

Almost 63% of the CMOs feel that the budgets in innovation are expected to increase in 2019. CMOs are prioritizing customer analytics, experience as they think it helps deliver a cohesive and result-oriented marketing strategy.

A well-strategized plan which focuses on people than on the technology is a key for the success of any organization and to be the leader in the industry they have to focus on innovation motivated by the consumers. Technology with marketing helps in amplifying the benefits for the businesses and consumers alike.



This approach is the most prominent strategy for businesses in reaching out to their customers and making high conversions.

Most of the customers are not just buying products or services; they are buying the experiences associated with the same. So, it becomes necessary for companies to implement this approach and utilize digital technology in building empathy towards the consumer. The marketing technology is the best combination of marketing and technology helping in leveraging the business opportunities for the organization. It helps in keeping track of the information related to the consumers for useful and action-oriented customer insights, thus helping organizations in better association with the customers.

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