5 Reasons to switch to BHIM App today!

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On December 30, 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) Application, which is a mobile application developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), which is built on the Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

The app is named after Bhim Rao Ambedkar. The app will facilitate e-payments directly through bank making cashless transactions simplified. Also, there is BHIM guide by finances ruleLinks to an external site. that will help the users to use the app efficiently.

People tend to trust BHIM more than any other app as it is created by the government of India and is directly linked to banks accounts.

Here are the 5 reasons to switch to BHIM App today:

All In One App For All Bank Accounts:

The greatest USP for BHIM is that it works overall banks and clients do not have to utilize separate applications if they have various accounts in various banks. Also, if a client has financial balances in 3-4 UPI empowered banks, and after that BHIM will join all his bank accounts, and empower cashless exchanges by sparing time and bothers of having numerous mobile wallet accounts.

Internet Connectivity Is Not Required:

Funds can be transferred from one bank account to another bank account without the use of internet through BHIM App. For this purpose all you have to do is dial *99# from a mobile phone, then a welcome screen will be shown with the following options:

  • To send money
  • Check your Balance
  • See transaction history

With the introduction of BHIM App, even a non- smartphone user can perform any transaction from anywhere.

Government Backed Up App

The BHIM App is supported by the Government of India, this is the reason that it makes it the most secure and reliable app to perform cashless transactions. As of now, there is five payment option on the BHIM App which includes, mobile number, bank account, IFSC code and Aadhar number.

Authentication and Security

From customers, point views the BHIM App is the most secured app as it has three level authentications. The three-level authentication includes the following, device ID or mobile phone number, the bank account that the customer is linking to this app and the last is the UPI PIN to finish the transaction.

No Limit On Money Transacted

While the other digital payment apps have a limited number of transaction that the user can make, there is no limit on the money that can be transacted through the BHIM App. This feature makes this app more desirable than any other app.


From the above-listed reasons, it is clear as a day that BHIM App is the best app for digital payment. Switching over to BHIM App will be a wise decision as the app is backed up by the Government of India and is more secure than any other digital payment app. The finances rule have a guide which will help the users to navigate through the app although the app is very easy and simple to use.

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