3 Best House Flipping Shows to Watch

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Since the beginning of the 2000s, there have been many new TV shows focused on what house flippers do, and it’s inspired a whole lot of people to try their hand at flipping houses, too.

It's important to understand that any show is not capable of showing everything that happens. There is a lot behind the scenes that any house flippers will face during the trajectory — and it’s not all glamorous.

As an example, the process should be fast, but most certainly doesn't happen as quickly as is shown on TV. Even so, it's very entertaining, and you can learn a thing or two from them.

Here are three of the best house-flipping shows to watch and learn more about the business.


The Best House Flipping Shows on TV


  1. Flip or Flop Makeovers

Flip or Flop is an HGTV show which shows Tarek and Christina, two successful real estate agents with a long history of success in selling houses and mansions.

In the show, they flip distressed properties, applying their skills in terms of design and renovation. With more than 100 episodes, this show has plenty of house flipping inspiration for you. 

They get houses with reasonable prices at auction and do what they do best: to completely redo them and sell for a high margin of profit. The show is filled with suspense because you never know if they will actually flip or flop the place.

With personal issues between the couple, now the Flip or Flop show changed a bit, but still brings a lot of content on the subject.


  1. Flipping Out

Flipping Out already has 11 seasons and may continue to surprise you with new episodes. Until then, you've got plenty of material to accompany and study to prepare to flip houses yourself.

With a complete team of professionals engaged in the field, you can expect a lot of information and debate in every episode. Their experience is helps both the houses they change, but also you, the viewer, who is thinking about flipping houses themselves. 

Flipping Out combines the challenges of flipping houses with the personal difficulties in the life of the famous house flipper and designer Jeff Lewis.

Watching this show, you’ll learn a lot about not only the main house flipper but also all the people he hires. This will help you figure out who you need on your team to succeed. From people hired right out of design school, such as Trace, to people who actually didn't care much to the job, you've got quite a show to watch.

It's not possible to tell what is real in Flipping Out and what’s just TV, but it's excellent for those interested in the house flipping market. In an hour’s time, you’ll see a house completely transform, which can be very inspiring for you own business venture.  From mansions to county houses, you can definitely learn a lot from watching Flipping Out.


  1. Masters of Flip

Dave and Kortney Wilson, stars of Masters of Flip, are a perfect combination of adventurous spirit and experience in the real estate market. 

One half of the pair is responsible for overseeing the daily tasks and routine of flipping a house, making sure everything is going towards a significant profit. While the other person has a passion for interior design, which means she takes her vision and brings it to life in the newly renovated home.

The series will end after the fourth season, with the couple moving on to a new show focused on renovating homes for homeowners. Watch them all and you'll learn a lot about house flipping.


Final Thoughts

TV shows are great for entertainment but choosing the right ones can actually provide you new experiences and knowledge. For those interested in house flipping, there are great shows which cover the subject.

These three TV shows are the best ones out there for you to watch. Once you’ve seen all three, you'll surely want to get a fix and flip loan to start your very own house-flipping business, and you are capable of it by taking careful steps. Until then, enjoy the shows!

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