5 Best Practices to Encourage Social Media Engagement – Boost Your Reputation

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Social media has become something of a revolution in today’s modern world. In addition to providing people a platform where they can meet digitally sharing their stories, it also provides marketers a solid platform to advertise their intended brands and products. However, encouraging social media engagement to boost your reputation is pretty significant.

Your social media-based business profile on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many others are more useful when they are more engaging. There are some practices and techniques that you can implement in order to boost your social media engagement. First you will need to get an appropriate number of Instagram FollowersLinks to an external site. or any other social platform followers and likes.

Here are some of the most effective practices that can boost your reputation on social media with a boosted follower engagement:


1: Respond to All (or Most) Comments

Of course, your business profile on social media will get a lot of comments. That should be the case at least. It is pretty important for you to respond to all or as many comments as you possibly can. Especially when you have a product or services-based business profile on any social media channels and get asked a lot of questions with some reviews, you must respond frequently.

All interactive comments should get replies and acknowledgement from you. This plays a vital part in making followers aware of the fact that you listen to them. It also:

  • Ensures customers or visitors that they are cared for on your page
  • Provides assurance that customer feedback values a lot and changes the way you offer your products or services
  • Encourages customers or visitors to post their own valuable feedback
  • Provides reassurance to all followers that might not be commenting that customer voice is heard on your page
  • Develops a feeling of care and emotion with customers and visitors


2: Be Consistent in Your Posts

Another very important factor that will always decide on your eventual customer engagement is the actual consistency you post at. You simply don’t have to post every 30 minutes or so. Posting less with a lot more consistency can actually improve your follower engagement. There are actually some well accepted patterns for posting on various social media platforms including:

  • 1 Facebook post between 1pm and 4pm on a daily basis
  • 15 Tweets every day during the lunch hour for office timings
  • 1-2 posts on Instagram with one between 11am and 1pm and the other between 7pm and 9pm
  • 11 Pins on Pinterest after close of a working day between 8pm and 11pm
  • 1 post on LinkedIn between 10am and 11am

Be sure to follow these expert rated patterns and see your customer engagement rise up exponentially. And yes, you can post more if your brand or profile demands more posts but be careful about the times you post your content at.


3: Be Funny, Witty and Jolly If Suitable

One of the best ways to boost follower or subscriber engagement is to be friendly with them. By friendly, we do mean use your wit, funny ambitions and jolliness if your type or profile allows for it. This one is a subjective however. Service based profiles will have to be a lot more careful with the amount of fun and wit they bring in to their game.

Product based pages can use these more easily engaging customers by also calling them in comments, posts and more. This can be looked at like a 2-way conversation and will be most engaging when your posts are a more relatable.


4: Focus on Your Calls to Action Quality

Call to action buttons or functions are some of the most important for any product or services-based websites in the modern competitive social media marketplace. These CTA (call to action) functions can land people on your business websites where more detail about your product or services can be found. These can include:

  • A strong start with command verb (subscribe, read, buy, get discount etc.)
  • Use emojis and all CAPS or exclamation marks! to provoke emotion from your audiences
  • Announce the benefits like “get free consultation”, “limited time discount offer” or anything else of that nature in your CTA buttons
  • Use any other attractive ways like “free shipping”, “discount coupons” etc. in your CTAs

A good example of these is on your Instagram Stories feed when you use something like this in a swipe up action.


5: Create Your Own Hashtags

Hashtags can be that difference maker for any post on any social media platform. Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or any other famous social platforms, all of them will be designed to focus on hashtags.

These hashtags help get the right audiences that might be searching for what you are selling on your business profile. Be sure to make your hashtags as relevant and attractive as possible. Land yourself in popularity and improve your social media engagement with the correct use of hashtags.

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