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Many reasons behind your relationship happy and healthy and one of the themes are sexual life, which plays a vital role to make your relationship happy. Sexual health problems bring frustration, awkwardness, disappointment, and embarrassment in the bedroom and issues behind all of these is erectile dysfunction which is a situation where a man loses the ability to getting or maintains erectile dysfunction for sex.  While it can beat any man, it is most prevalent in older men, especially those who are in their 60s and older.


What causes erectile dysfunction?

There is a big list of things that can probably cause impotency, and many of them are underlying health conditions, such as:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Atherosclerosis or clogged blood vessels.
  • High blood cholesterol
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Drug addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Certain prescription medications
  • Sleep disorder
  • Anxiety, clinical depression, or other mental health problems
  • Spinal or pelvic injuries
  • High levels of stress

Most Common cause of Erectile Dysfunction is old age, Mostly, once you reach around the age of 60, It is hard to getting and maintaining a long-lasting erection, this is caused by a decline in testosterone levels, which naturally occurs with age and we know testosterone plays a vital role in men’s libido or sex drive and various other sexual functions.

Other conditions that are linked to erectile dysfunction are testicular cancer,  type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney, HIV, AIDS, and liver disease. If you are troubled with any of these, your body will be weak to produce huge amounts of testosterone for high libido and other things.

What can you do to protect yourself against Erectile Dysfunction?

A healthy lifestyle can help obtain optimal sexual health. If your choice is smart and healthy in the foods that you have to eat, the daily activities that you do, and others, you can have lower your risk of erectile dysfunction, and be victorious in pleasuring your partner in bed.

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Below are examples of lifestyle changes that you can do to prevent erectile dysfunction:

Healthy and balanced diet

Healthy diet

For testosterone level and maintain other function correctly you need essential nutrients, if you eat fatty, junk foods and sugary then you are imperiling your heart, brain, and other vital organs. Your blood circulation is disturbed, and blood flow to your penis is a decline, and all these things affect your sexual health, which increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. For your happy sexual life and good health, you have to choose healthy food. Ignore unhealthy and fatty foods from your diet and start taking vegetables, fruits, and other natural health options.


Regular exercise

Not moving around and being lazy can provide to erectile dysfunction. If you are used to a inactive lifestyle where you spend eight to ten hours of your day on your desk at work and spend another four to six hours sitting on the couch and watching television at home, your cardiovascular system will be in hazard. You will have a progressed risk of stroke, heart attack, high cholesterol, blood pressure, and obesity. But, if you exercise, you can work your heart and improve your blood circulation. Enough blood should be able to flow to your penis, giving you firm and strong erections.

Stress management

Too much tension or stress taken about by work, school, family, finances, and relationships can destroy your mood. It not only can make you tense and negative, but it can also take away your desire for sex. To avoid the effects, you have to find ways to better deal with your stress. Try relaxation exercises or strategies, such as yoga, self-hypnosis, or meditation. Make sure that you sleep well every night. You should also consider seeing a therapist help you overcome your problem.

Quit smoking

The elements found in cigarettes and tobacco can harm your blood vessels. They can prevent blood from flowing to the different parts of your body, such as your penis, and reduce your body’s nitric oxide levels, resulting in erectile problems. If you want to be able to perform adequately in bed, you have to commit to quitting smoking for good.

Limit alcohol consumption

Hug Amount of alcohol has a vital influence on your physical health and overall health It can boost your risk of high blood pressure, kidney damage, high cholesterol, liver damage, and heart disease, and also weaken your erections. For your sake, you should learn to control your drinking, and do not allow yourself to drink more than two drinks a day or 14 a week. Anything more than that is too much and can put you closer to a plethora of health problems.

Mental health

Depression and Anxiety

Some cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by stress, depression, and other mental health concerns. If you have that feeling of depression, misery, and numbness all the time, getting Sexual aroused can be a challenge, and getting intimate with your partner will be tough. This can lead to many fights and even breakup. To fix that, you should go see a mental health professional or sex therapist.

Regular medical checkup

Monitoring your health, whether or not you are feeling pains or aches or seeing visible signs and symptoms, is of utmost importance. You should not think that you only have to go to the doctor and undergo medical exams when you feel weak. You have to do it daily because many diseases do not trigger noticeable symptoms right away, and you do not want to detect them when it is already too late. You can generic drugs such as Fildena, Vidalista, Kamagra and Oral Jelly

Why should you treat erectile dysfunction as soon as possible?

Your quality of life will significantly decline if your erectile problem is not addressed at the earliest opportunity. If you forego a doctor’s consultation and treatment, you are only putting yourself at a much worse position. Erectile dysfunction can:

Make your sex life dull, annoying, frustrating, and embarrassing

Immensely lower your self-esteem and self-worth

Lose your sex partners because of fights, conflicts, etc.

Put you in a bad mood not only at home but at work, school, and other settings

Ruin your and your partner’s plan to get pregnant and start a family

Worsen your stress and mental health problems

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