Advantages of Battery powered security camera For Home Security

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Battery-powered security cameras are the upgraded version of analog security cameras. These are thought to be more advanced. Getting a battery-powered security camera seems to be an easy task but trust me it is not that easy.

There are a number of features other than battery power to look for, you will have to check the motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio.

Mostly battery-powered security cameras are wireless security cam but they can be wired ones if you are having an Ip security camera. These cameras work through battery power that is why it is considered the best option.

In this article, we will see the advantages of having a battery-powered security camera for surveillance proposes. The features and benefits of battery-powered security cameras vary depending upon the type of security camera. As DK Security explains that every company comes up with a distinct feature here we will only check the general features of battery-powered security cameras to get the best one for us and these are given below.

  • No issues of power outages

Battery-powered security cameras work through batteries, unlike the analog CCTV security cameras, they are not dependent upon the electricity supply. In case there is a power outage you do not have to worry. There would be a continuous supply of power. No need to worry about any kind of interruption. If your battery power is enough to long for more than a  week.

  • No vandalizing

Wireless security cameras are free from any kind of vandalize. Intruders will not get the chance of cutting the wires as they can do in the case of the wired security camera. Thus, battery-powered security cameras are safer than the wired security camera.

Similarly, if ever they will try to vandalize the camera their actions will be recorded in the camera. Thus, there will be no chance of disrupting the surveillance system.

  • Positioning

Battery-powered security cameras are thought to be more beneficial as they can be placed anywhere.  Most of them are not connected with wires so there will be no restriction of connection. As long as you have internet connection You can place your security camera anywhere you want.

  • Affordable

Battery-powered security cameras are more affordable than a wired security camera. As they are with less equipment. This is why you do not have to pay extra bucks. Other security cameras are comparatively expensive. They do not need the DVR or NVR systems. No wires etc. This is why the cost is automatically reduced.

  • Easy to set up

As battery-powered security cameras do not need wires or any storage devices this is why these security cameras are easy to install. You will just have to fix the camera in the desired position.

       Most of the companies provide you with magnetic mounters. This is why you di not even need to call the technician. All these facilities make the battery-powered security cameras the most desirable and preferred type of security camera.

  • Remote access

Most of the battery-powered security cameras are not with a readily available interface. There are applications and software associated with the security camera. Wired and analog security cameras are most of the times are only dependent upon the PC and laptops.

On the other hand, there are a number of options in battery-powered security cameras. You can control these cameras from many devices. Just by using a single interface. Whatever device you have got around you. This increases your control over your security camera.

  • Customizable features

      Battery-powered security cameras come with a number of customizable features the motion detection feature is very reliable. You can turn it on and off whenever you want to. Similarly, you can set some motion zones as well.

    Not only motion detection feature But night vision can also be controlled.  The night vision can consume battery so those battery cameras which do not have this feature are more reliable.

  • Very integrated

Battery-powered security cameras can easily integrate with a number of devices. The two-way audio system can be used from any device such as laptops, computers and mobile phones. This means that battery-powered security cameras are best for those people who are mostly away from their house.

  • Hidden security cameras

Only a battery-powered security camera id a hidden security camera. This is why many people opt for a battery-powered security camera. If you want to get a security camera for hidden surveillance then these security cameras are for those.


In a nutshell, if you are looking for a highly reliable security camera which is quite affordable. In case you are a working man or woman and you are unable to check on to your house 24/7 then these battery-powered security cameras are for you. Not only this these are more secure than wired cameras with a multiple numbers of features.

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