Degrees and Programs in Business Administration

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With a very valid reason, business administration degrees are one of the most popular, not just in the United States, but all across the world. Today’s world is all about having great minds, innovations, and creativity to get one successfully launching their career. With this useful credential of a degree in business administration, anyone can potentially launch any career of their choice in any industry from manufacturing to hospitality, music to construction and consulting. It is good to be business-minded just in case a golden chance comes your way. No company or organization can be well managed and run without implementing business skills and knowledge. There always will be a need for someone with such skills. This article is going to tell you everything you will study under business administration degree programs.

There are different levels of degrees in the field of business starting from associate’s degree to a master’s degree. With an associate’s degree, which normally takes two years, one can qualify to be employed as a management trainee in the retail industry or in the sales industry. They can also be an office manager or project coordinator. A bachelor’s degree in business can qualify one into managerial and administrative positions. An MBA will boost one’s chances of getting a bigger career and becoming a leader by working as a CFO or a CEO.

So many schools today offer business administration courses at different degree levels. It does not matter whether you take your program online or by going to class every day. What matters is that anyone can always expect to work closely in association with the instructors and other students on challenging projects that will put business theory into practice.

Associate’s Degree

An associate’s degree in business administration can help one find their foot in the world of business regardless of whether they are looking to begin a new career or advance on the one they are currently in. It is an important step towards a bachelor’s degree in business administration or any related fields. Under this level, business programs will majorly focus on management, accounting, and software application. It, therefore, means that one has to have a good know-how of using different technologies. Most likely, you will be required to apply techniques learned in class with real-world relevance.

Majority colleges offer a concentration in specific business administration areas such as health care administration, information systems, and human resources. Through career-oriented courses, business administration courses help students in building personal business skills and industry background information that will get them qualified for entry-level jobs in any specialty field. Under the associate’s degree in business administration, students will find courses such as statistics, business law, managerial accounting, principles of microeconomics, principles of marketing, computer and internet literacy and communication in the workforce. Through these courses, areas that will be covered will teach students how they can use effective communication strategies, use lateral technical business tools and evaluate and react to economic business issues. They will also know how to gather and evaluate business data in order to make interpretations and solve any problems related to business.

An associate in business administration degree can get you the following jobs.

  • Sales manager
  • Administrative assistant
  • Auditing clerk
  • Inventory manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Information clerk
  • Customer service supervisor
  • Event planner
  • Media sale representative
  • Project assistant
  • Operations manager

There are countless job positions for those with an associate’s degree in business administration and this is only the beginning because there are three more degree-levels to be learned in this field.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

With a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a graduate comes from school equipped with a strong grasp of business management principles, interpersonal skills, and the technical know-how. They would have qualified for important roles in the public-private and nonprofit organizations. Students will be ready to work across different industries as human resources generalists, business analysts or marketing specialists. Other graduates in business administration bachelor degree also major in entrepreneurship and establish their own successful businesses from the ground up. Course work in business administration under this level majorly covers principles in management and practices like the ones listed below.

  • Business ethics
  • Communication
  • Financial management
  • Resource management such as people, time and money
  • Organizational leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Business-oriented computer applications

Under a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a student can expect to cover core subjects in business like finance, accounting, marketing, and information technology. Below are the core courses:

  • Business communications and critical thinking
  • Introduction to computer applications and systems
  • Management theory and practice
  • Principles of accounting 1
  • Principles of accounting 2
  • Business research
  • Principles of microeconomics
  • Finance for business
  • Global business strategies
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Marketing
  • Business law
  • Integrated business

Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA)

A master’s degree in business administration qualifies a graduate for an extensive list of management roles. From working as executive directors and corporate controllers in nonprofit agencies to working as independent consultants to business owners.  With such a degree, students position themselves for diverse professional chances through their whole career lives.  As a student, you can choose for a full-time MBA or a part-time learning program. Doing a full-time MBA program typically takes two years. An undergraduate has an option of entering into an MBA track and taking five years to complete. For someone already working, the schedule is always busy and demanding. Pursuing an online MBA degree will be the best option than taking a traditional classroom program. The curriculum might at times be different across different schools but an accredited MBA program taken online will deliver the same high-quality education and practical training just as an on-campus program will.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

 A DBA will get graduates prepared to be leaders, consultants, and teachers in academic as well as corporate arenas. It typically adopts a design suitable for applicants that have management experience and one that builds on skills acquired from the master’s degree studies. A DBA, just like a Ph.D., equips a professional with necessary experience and skills in management principles and leadership as well as a high level of competence in carrying out research. It can be earned in three to six years as it depends on whether it is a full time or part-time learning program. Studies under DBA involve classes in analytical methods, research and any personal choice of specialization opted for. As part of the degree requirements, students have to write and defend a doctoral dissertation and excel a comprehensive exam to graduate.

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