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What causes eye strain? 

There are different reasons due to which one could experience eye strain. Some of them are as follows: 

Driving: When a person drives for very long distances, the eyes are steadily on the road and the surroundings. There is no scope of resting the eyes, and that can strain the eyes. If someone is going to drive to a location which is very far, he/she should either take stops in between or travel with a friend who can drive halfway. People use headlights set on high beam. Experiencing such harsh light while driving can severely affect the eyes.

Using phones/computers and watching TV: It has become common for adults as well as little children to stick to the screens. Parents have begun to introduce their children to technology at a very young age, and because of this, there are more and more children wearing glasses. There are so many apps and games available, which makes the children spend hours looking at phones and tablets. When people look at computers, they automatically blink less. Eyes get moisturized when a person blinks; therefore, not flashing is not suitable for the eyes. People view screens from a very close distance, which strains the eyes. All workplaces require their employees to work on computers and laptops, making it very difficult not to strain the eyes. Even in schools and colleges, the work given requires the students to spend time on the net browsing for their projects. 

Reading in poorly lit places: The eyes require a certain amount of light to be able to read correctly. It can damage the eyes of someone who is sitting in a dark place and trying hard to read something. One should make sure that when one is reading, there is enough light so that one does not struggle while reading.  

Reading too fast: Eyes need time to read, and when someone tries to read too quickly, the eyes do not get rest. 

Existing eye problems: Eyes get strained due to existing eye problems which persists. There could be problems such as dryness and false vision. 

Posture: Not having a good position while using gadgets is also a reason due to which one may have strained eyes. 

What is the diagnosis for eye strain? 

An ophthalmologist will diagnose the problem more efficiently than a physician. He will carry out an eye exam to look for the problem. It is done to make sure that the person who is having discomfort feels better when he or she is wearing glasses. However, if an individual has had a disease in the past, then he or she should visit the doctor to make sure that it is nothing serious. Usually, eye strain is not subject to any severe problems. So the first step of diagnosis is visiting an ophthalmologist in case there is no prior history of eye problems. The symptoms of eye strain are common for some other problems such as migraine. In that case, a doctor’s consultation would be best to rule out the possibility of a bigger problem. Symptom tracker is really helpful in managing the disease.

What are the treatments for eye strain? 

Treatment for eye strain requires a change in the lifestyle. Someone who has had prior problems with their eye may need advanced treatment. For most people, the prescription of glasses tends to solve the problem. The doctors advise that one should take regular breaks from working so that the eyes do not stay fixed upon a screen for a long time. Eyes should be allowed to focus on different distance, which is helpful to avoid eye strain. While watching TV, the light of the room should not be dark. Limiting screen time for children is essential. Parents need to be stern and encourage children to go outside and play rather than staying at home with their tablets or watch TV the entire day.

There are eye drops available at all medical shops; this will solve the problem for the dryness in the eyes that one may experience. Drops which claim to avoid redness should not be put to use as they worsen the condition of the eyes if there is any existing dryness in the eyes. Whether it is home, office, school, or college, one should avoid sitting close to air conditioners and get a humidifier as it helps with preventing dryness. In such a case, the person should change the position and place where he or she is working. The placement of the monitor and the settings should be in accordance to avoid any stress. Smoke also causes straining of the eyes. Doctors suggest people avoid places which have a lot of smoke and in case the person smokes they would recommend that he or she should quit smoking to make the condition of the eyes better.

There are specific glasses and contact lenses designed for those who work on computers. They can prove to be helpful, as they do not cause any type of strain on the eyes. Treatment Tracker is an app that allows the users to fill in information related to their health daily. Considering the current scenario, people are becoming conscious of their health, and it is the perfect answer to all the problems. Eye strain has a lot to do with the kind of lifestyle that one has. Treatment Tracker has the option to keep a diary which helps in getting to know whether the discomfort that the person is feeling is getting any better or not. Keeping track of physical activity is a significant indicator of what could potentially be the problem behind the eye strain. The symptoms are uploaded on the app regularly. Whenever the person visits the doctor or ophthalmologist, the information can be beneficial for them to decipher the root cause of the discomfort. There is an option in Treatment Tracker to customize the tracker so that the user has full control and can take optimum advantage of the services of the app.

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