Hair Transplantation in Turkey has crossed by 1 Bn USD in 2018

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Lush, soft and thick hair is something we all desire to have regardless of our gender. But due to various reasons, our hair growth is influenced by different patterns. It can be in our genes, our diet, our lifestyle, our age, the pollution, our sleep pattern and even the kind of products we use for our hair maintenance.

We often invest a lot of money into buying the best quality products for our hair, all things which are parabens free, sulfate-free, soap-free and free of all the harmful elements yet no desired results are seen after regularly using them. Hair fall is something which is influenced by innumerable reasons but some companies promise to stop hair fall only by using their products regularly. It is absurd that shampoo or a hair serum will start your hair growth to a huge extent. Nothing of these will work if the hair fall is due to genetic causes. 

Men often face premature hair fall and this can be due to genetic cause’s majority of the times. Other than that, it can be also due to dandruff. If it's due to genetic causes, then several men go for the hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplant procedure can be of a great way of getting beautiful hair by artificial methods if done from a proper and professional clinic. In the UK, it is seen that the majority of men who are suffering from premature balding opt for hair transplantation. But this process in the UK is extremely costly also the quality of hair used there sometimes isn’t of satisfactory quality.

On the other hand, Turkey has been triumphing in this industry over the years. Their quality of hair is great and the procedure is not extremely costly for the patients. Compared to what men spend in the UK, it is a lot cheaper in Turkey. All of these reasons lead Turkey's hair transplant business to $ 1 billion in 2018. This is a massive profit experienced by Turkey.

Hair transplantation has been one of the toughest and skilled treatment procedures and Turkey has been topping in this sector for a long time. In fact, Turkey's medical tourism profits are also dependent on their hair transplant procedures because a lot of people from Middle Eastern countries and the United Kingdom travel to Turkey just for getting the hair transplantation done by the efficient specialists at the most affordable prices.

According to a survey conducted, it was found that around 5000 persons every month travels to Turkey and get the hair transplantation procedure done for themselves or for their family members.

Apart from the affordable prices and good quality hair, Turkey's hair transplantation is also becoming very famous due to another important reason. In Turkey, it was first that Follicular Extraction Unit started and that is exactly why doctors are much more skilled and knowledgeable in this field.

The Ministry of health in Turkey conducts regular maintenance checkups for all the medical clinics spread around Turkey hence the condition of treatment provided from Turkey is of top-notch quality. The health ministry also set a few guidelines which every clinic is supposed to stick to hence anybody taking treatments will be absolutely tension-free.

The well-known hair transplant clinics in Turkey are internationally accredited by the Joint Commission International and International society of hair restoration surgery. This is again one of the valid reasons why so many people are able to trust and travel all around the world travel to Turkey and get hair transplantation done.

The surgeons in Turkey are performing hair transplantation every day hence they are extremely skilled and familiar with the procedure. People getting their hair transplantation done by these surgeons get accurate results and minimum complication on the post-op days. The whole process is well maintained and assisted as well.

Despite the affordable prices, the quality of treatment provided by Turkey is of superior quality. When compared to any clinics in any part of the world Turkey will always triumph them with their facilities and prices. The clinics in Turkey are regularly advancing as any new method is getting added to the hair transplantation procedure, they are all familiar with international patient management as well. All the clinics in Turkey are fully equipped with modern tools and luxurious facilities to provide the best experience to the patients going there even if they charge a comparatively cheaper price.

Combining all of these mentioned pros of the Turkish hair transplant industry, we know now why it is gaining so much of appreciation worldwide and how the profit rates are enhancing to such extent also. Considering the rate at which Turkey is working to satisfy the clients, coming there to get their hair transplantation treatment done, their profit will increase to a greater level by the end of the coming year and will benefit the country.

This emerging industry is not only enhancing the economy of the country but also creating a great option for people to earn money as well.

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