Ultimate Gift Guide for the Weed Smoking Nature Lover

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What to pick?

Shopping for anyone other than yourself is hard. Most people do a lot of shopping for themselves when they go out Christmas shopping. It’s not because they’re narcissists - it’s because they know exactly what they want. If you have a certain someone in your life who enjoys adventure, outdoors, travel and a little of weed here and there - we have created the perfect list for you. Even if you think they “have everything”, we might be able to find a little something that will spark their interest.

Let’s face it - shopping for the perfect present can be absolute torture unless you know the person well enough to read them like an open book. And even then, present giving can be a mad quest for perfection.

Or, maybe you’re here because you want to give yourself some inspiration about what to get for yourself? Don’t feel bad - self-care and pampering is exactly what you need when the days get short and cold - what’s a nature lover to do?

Save the Bees

Here is an amazing product from Mota - it’s a CBD infused honey, and it’s the perfect natural sweetener for those long evening teas, hot chocolates, or morning cereals, afternoon ice creams - you name it.

This will make your favorite nature lover relax and appreciate nature even more. It’s a good thing you can mail order marijuana in Canada with ease - and as Cannabisimo.ca is from Canada, we are eagerly waiting for the maple syrup version of this product.

Face Detox with Uncle Bud

Hemp seed oil is said to be one of the best things to put on your face. It relieves wrinkles and provides deep hydration and infuses your skin with minerals. It’s long been known as an anti-aging miracle serum.

This is why putting it in an easy to carry packet and mixing it with detoxifying seaweed from Belize gets a thumbs up from us. This is for that nature lover who doesn’t have time to go into a spa and sit around for an hour.

No-fuss, no appointments - just pure bliss and nature.

From Uncle Bud

The Roast and Toast Mug

This is definitely for people who love sitting outside on the patio or in their back yard, breathing in the autumn air and having some coffee with a little smoke on the side. Or if they don’t maybe you think they should. Maybe you think you should?

This mug will inspire you to go outside and rest for a while. Sip, smoke, listen to the trees or a babbling brook on a long hike or a camping trip.

This piece of equipment is definitely not an “every day” thing - it looks like something you can unpack after a long week - it practically screams “relax with me”. It comes in various colors and shapes and finishes.

Don’t worry - it’s not a mini bong. It consists of two separate chambers - a true two-in-one.



The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook

This is the High Times’ call out to Julia Child. Okay, maybe not really - but we think it comes close. It contains all sorts of amazing snacks that your nature lover can pack on the go.

There are some amazing basic tips on how to produce tinctures, glycerin, cannabutter, infused oils and how to work with the active ingredients. It starts with the absolute basics before you move on to the more advanced stuff like appetizers, salads, spanakopitas (perfect for those hiking snacks!), and holiday treats for those of us who’s families need to chill out a bit around the Thanksgiving table.

What’s incredible about this book is that it actually goes over every little minute detail from how cannabis affects you, to its history and, chemical properties and the kitchen equipment you will need.

If you get them one book to enjoy, get this one!


A leaf mold for just about anything

Speaking of cooking, here is one kitchen helper you cannot go without! These silicone molds can do just about anything. You can use it to make easily portable things like

  • Candy
  • Gummies
  • Soap for camping
  • Butter mold
  • Mini camping candles
  • Chocolates

And if you want to stay home, you can also use it to make ice cubes.

From Amazon


Gamer inspired King Size Supreme Rolling kit

From Amazon

LAUYOO Vintage Windproof Ashtray

Have you ever had ash blown all over your face when you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors? Most of us have. Whether it’s an outdoor party where there’s a lot of smokers present or a relaxing smoke break at a picnic table. Gross!

This is why civilized people invented closed ashtrays. Chances are that even if your friend has “everything”, they are still missing that vintage-inspired windproof ashtray that will keep them looking classy and eliminate ash storms from erupting in their outdoor space. This also works wonders for those smokers who have given up and smoke indoors.

As long as you remember to clean it, it will make you look sophisticated.

From Amazon

Murano Glass Pipe

For those smokers who travel, a pipe made from Murano glass will be an instant conversation starter. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill cheap glassy, either. Although we love hand blown glass pipes - they’re chunky, classic hippie and old school after all! This is taking it a step further and actually made in Murano, Italy.

If it’s still available (one of a kind!) go and grab it! This is not only for the outdoors travel type but for the lover of fine things as well.

From Etsy


Personalized vintage storage bottles

Aah, the old farmhouse. Or the old dairy house. No matter. These cute vintage milk bottles will remind you of the country air, and keep your weed fresh and travel-ready. They also look great displayed in the kitchen.

The greatest part of it is that you can personalize them and make them fit your nature-loving friend like a glove. These cute little bottles also make amazing wedding presents for the guests!

From Fashioncraft

Growing Cannabis Outdoors

If your friend wants an excuse to spend more time outdoors, here is the perfect helper. Growing Cannabis Outdoors is a beginner’s book, ideal for those who are just starting out their gardening adventure and want to learn the basics.

There are a lot of growing guides out there, and most of them are centered around indoor growing, hydroponics, lights, bells, and whistles. This one is back to the roots au Naturelle book for those of us who want to get their hands dirty outside, in the soil.

From Highweeds


Mary Jane’s Medicated Salve

If you come back from hikes, adventures, and trekking with all sorts of aches and pains, we have found the ideal answer for you. It helps that the packaging is attractive and great for a special gift.

This cannabis-infused pain relief salve is amazing for sore muscles, aches, dull pains, and fatigue. This product is all-natural and small-company made.

From Herbal Alternative


Hemp Winter Blanket

Last, but definitely not least. As we said, winter is coming. Not super soon, but fairly soon. Our thoughts are racing of cuddling up by a fire - whether a campfire or a fireplace. And what’s better for cuddling than an all-natural hemp blanket?

This gift truly speaks to putting your money where your mouth is. Even if they don’t smoke or indulge, any nature lover will appreciate this all-plant-based, animal product free blanket. It’s a mix of two plants that humans have used for fibers for thousands of years - linen and hemp. It’s thoughtful and useful.

From Etsy


Gift-giving naturally

We hope this list has given you a lot of inspiration. If you have a nature-loving adventurous spirit who just happens to smoke a little weed, this is a chance to indulge two passions at once. It’s only natural that you think of something that matches their spirit and hobbies, all in one.


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