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Not many people are aware of the right source from where they can access a big volume of data. This data is in-turn used for carrying out research works, analysis, verification, and other tasks. The collected data is retrieved, processed, and organized in a format that is can be appealing and useful for organizations and the general public as well.

Data is always considered as the best source of information, and technological advancement has made it possible for organizations and agencies to use data in big volumes.

When searching the internet, today agencies and the general public have access to unlimited sources of data sets. These can easily be visualized and analyzed. It is important for you to be educated to start looking for public data at the right source.

You have to focus on different source types, starting from social media to economics, health, science, and entertainment, and this is where data is searched for general research works.

Get it online

Google is considered as the best source of information and can be used for collecting data. Millions of users every second log on to Google and perform the search. Individuals using Google account have to provide with detailed information.

These set of information is always considered a valuable piece of public info that is collected by major search engines.

Census bureau

Census bureau is considered as a data collecting organization. On regular intervals of time, vital data related to the population of any selected area is collected and maintained in records with the census authorities.

With digital access today, this task is easily carried out by agencies and maintained on their server. The data is filled in by the general public and so can be a source of data information for agencies and organizations.

Open data web portals

There are a number of web portals that keep on requesting the general public to fill in their set of information for verification and other use. The data thus collected is from millions of users worldwide and within the locality.

The public data thus collected is authentic as users have to undergo a simple process for verification for the data provided. This can be the best source for collecting valuable data for general public access.

Government registered portals

Although this data is in big volumes and more accurate, it has a drawback. This data, in general, is not available for general public viewing, but for organizations and public court, this set of data can easily be retrieved on permission by the authorities.

The data maintained here has been collected here from multiple sources, including mobile phones and internet devices.

Data explorers

When searching the internet, you may come across numerous private organized data explorer web sites. These are the sites that have been conducting survey tasks, research, and other jobs for collecting user data. These sites are regularly accessed by students, business owners, and the general public.

US data sites can today, create a direct link via these explorer sites and link it to their website. When being searched, the entire data can directly be extracted from the main website.

Apart from these, social media platforms are also considered as the best source for collecting data. Millions of users log on these platforms and exchange information data. You can also log on to our web portal and access data that is available for general public viewing and for research.

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