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Whether you are a Drop shipper or using FBA, Amazon can take your product sales to a whole new level with the right selling tool. You might have already placed your product on Amazon and are probably not getting the sale figures you had anticipated. The question is, "Are you using the right Amazon selling tool?"

You probably just started your Amazon business and may not have a lot of experience in technical analysis or listings optimization, don't worry, this article will provide you with some of the best selling tools to start off with. Similarly, for those of you who haven't quite landed on the perfect FBA tool, the solution to your troubles may very well be in this article. Let's get started.

Helium 10

This tool has it all, from keyword trackers to follow-ups and even product launches. It is perfect for new product development and keyword research. It hosts a variety of other tools that are quintessential to any Amazon seller. Some of them include:

  • Black Box: This gives you product ideas that will fit your exact needs. You can do more than enough product research using this tool in a matter of seconds by analyzing various product prices, weight, sales volume and competition
  • X-ray: Once you have chosen your particular niche, you can use this tool to analyse its potential competitiveness and sales volume.
  • Profitability calculator. As the name suggests, this tool helps you to accurately determine the costs and possible profit from listing the new item. It takes into account shipping costs, unit manufacturing costs, weight, FBA fees, dimensions to give you a clear picture of every cost.
  • ASIN grabber. You can use this to copy and paste ASINs if you want to create targeted PPC ads or identify increasing demands in various products.
  • Review Downloader. If you're looking to get some customer insight on your product, this tool helps you to expert reviews into spreadsheets helping you to analyze customer satisfaction. You can also observe competitors products and how they fare against yours.


These are just some of the 17 + tools available at Helium 10. Other notable ones include Trendster which allows you to monitor how your product is trending on a  multi-year timeline and Magnet which is a powerful keyword research option.


Feedback is vital for any online business. The quality of your feedback determines whether you get more loyal customers or fewer unsatisfied customers. Follow up emails can be too many to handle them on your own. This is where this tool comes in.

This tool comes with a simple design and easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to create automated follow-up emails. It also includes other helpful features such as Major event alerts, duplicate email detection and alerts, automatic buyer opt-outs, graphics customization and so much more.

For more information on any software related to Amazon selling tools and product research, you may learn from, the most trusted review site for Amazon tools.

You can use this tool to upsell or cross-sell related items by sending reminder emails to your customers a set time after they purchase your items. The tool also gives you information on email opening rates which allows you to gauge your customers' interest in your product. As opposed to many other tools, you do not need any coding knowledge to include graphics and variables when editing your feedback.

Amazon Repricer

Large sellers often reach a point in their business lives where they understand that there is a need to upgrade to their repricing abilities. They start using automated tools like an Amazon Repricer so that they can reprice their products and get more Buy Box ratio and thus make more sales of their products. Amazon Repricer is the best way to increase the sales volume but also to be more profitable

Cash Cow Pro

This is the solution to all your Amazon management problems. It offers keyword tracking, automatic messaging and real-time data tracking. Data lovers will love this tool as it enables you to have an in-depth look at your data management.

Using keyword rank tracking, you can monitor your performance by analyzing your listings and optimization tools. It also offers unlimited follow-up emails and data on top sellers on Amazon with limited competition. You can also use it to manage your inventory as it also gives low stock warnings.

It allows you to manage your Amazon business from one place by providing an A/B split test tool. It automatically generates the best prices for your products which will get you the most sales. This makes it perfect for those of you who are new to Amazon business and need an easy way to manage the business.


You may have already heard of this tool. It is quite popular among FBA users and for good reason too. It handles the most important aspects of your FBA business which include: Research, Inventory management, PPC, Reviews, SEO and competitor monitoring.

It analyses metrics and data, provided by Amazon, and provides the best action to improve your business practices. A distinct feature of this tool is its two versions: the Seller version and the Vender version. As the names suggest, the first version is designed for you as a seller while the latter is designed for businesses that sell their products directly through Amazon's Vendor Service.

It features a niche analyzer that provides a more accurate analysis of your potential sales volume and strength of the competition. It offers insight on how many sales the biggest sellers in that particular niche make, how difficult it might be for you to rank in the top keywords and how many sales you're likely to achieve if you pursue a particular niche.

The product detector analyses products that are listed on Amazon with the aim of identifying profitable niches with low competition. It incorporates keyword rankings taking into account which ones are likely to be associated with your niche, which ones have more traffic and those that have the least competition.

The above-listed seller tools are some of the best tools to use. There are many more which you can still use to improve your Amazon business but the above-mentioned have made it to the top of the list of the best selling tools to use in 2019. By picking the one that suits you best, you will get to improve your sales figures exponentially.

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